Hagedorn Weekly Report #63

Farmfest Panel


This past Tuesday I participated in Farmfest’s congressional candidate forum and squared off against Tim Walz.

I focused on how Walz, through his big government votes for extremist EPA regulations, ObamaCare and a carbon tax, is misrepresenting farmers, small businesses and consumers and punishing Southern Minnesotans.

By contrast, I advocated for bold solutions to reform the federal government (regulatory reform, tax reform, welfare reform, energy independence and replacing ObamaCare) to spur economic growth, create high wage jobs and place downward pressure on the cost of living.

Here are links to video clips and media reports from Farmfest. Click on links to view.

(Video) Hagedorn-Walz differ on the role of Congress to set federal regulations

(Video) Hagedorn closing statement highlights Walz votes for ObamaCare, carbon tax and extremist EPA regulations

KEYC TV (video), reporter Shawn Loging: U.S. House Candidates talk AG at Farmfest

MANKATO FREE PRESS, reporter Brian Arola: Walz-Hagedorn spar on AG issues at Farmfest

NEW ULM JOURNAL, reporter Fritz Busch: Politicians address Farmfest

(Video) The Uptake: Video Replay – Congressional Candidates Debate at Farm Fest



Please remember to vote in the August 9th Republican Primary and also remind your family and friends. As the Minnesota First District GOP endorsed candidate for U.S. Congress, I humbly ask for your vote.

Even though our primary opponent has not actively campaigned, it is still critical that you cast your ballot this coming Tuesday! For polling place information, click on this link to the Secretary of State’s voting website.



This past week I visited Farmfest in Morgan, Minnesota, attended County Fairs in Rochester, Luverne, Jackson and Garden City and walked Houston’s Hoedown Days Parade (see above photo).

It was awesome campaigning with elected GOP officials and challengers, including: State Senator Dave Senjem, State Senator Jeremy Miller, State Rep. Greg Davids, State Rep. Joe Schomacker, State Rep. Nels Pierson, State Rep. Bob Gunther and State Rep. candidate Will Waggoner.

Thanks also to Minnesota’s First District Republicans, the Houston, Olmsted, Rock, Jackson and Blue Earth County Republican Party organizations and all our loyal volunteers for their support his past week!

For Hagedorn parade and county fair pictures and details click on the links below.

LUVERNE (7/28/2016) Rock County Fair (Facebook video)

LUVERNE (7/28/2016) Rock County Fair (Twitter post)

ROCHESTER (7/29/2016) Olmsted County Fair

GARDEN CITY (7/30/2016) Blue Earth County Fair (pictures not available)

JACKSON (7/30/2016) Jackson County Fair

HOUSTON (7/31/2016) Houston Hoedown Days Parade



This is a now or never election. Either we take back our country and make big bold changes to Washington, D.C. or we will forever lose our Republic as the Forefathers envisioned.

I need your help, now, to win this election. We are working relentlessly, Walz’s liberal record is a disaster and my solutions are hitting home with the voters. All we need to do in the last few months is to spread our winning conservative message.

Please make an electronic contribution of $100 (or whatever you can afford from $10 to $5,400) or send a check to: Friends of Hagedorn; 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001. Thank you!

Hagedorn vs. Walz ON THE ISSUES


Click on links to read articles and Facebook posts.

Tom Emmer and Jim Hagedorn address presidential politics at Farmfest; (Hagedorn segment concerning Islamic immigration and refugee programs begins at the 1:40 mark)

U.S. (Obama) economy in the tank – Hagedorn offers solutions to reform the federal government and create economic growth, high-wage jobs and higher disposable income

Trump – Hagedorn Right on Vets Medical Care, by Kyle Pirron, published in The Mankato Free Press


This week I’m scheduled to attend a Hagedorn fundraiser in New Ulm, meet voters at the Freeborn County Fair and walk parades.

Thanks for reading!

Jim Hagedorn