Hagedorn Weekly Report #56

Mapleton Parade


It was another strong week of campaigning, highlighted by parades in Mapleton (see above photo) and Fairmont (see below photos).

Thanks to all the volunteers who endured the warm temperatures to walk Mapleton’s Town and Country Days and Fairmont’s Interlaken Heritage Days Parades on Saturday. Everyone had a great time! I love shaking hands with parade goers and staying connected with voters.

Thanks to State Senator Julie Rosen and State Representative Bob Gunther, both prominent GOP leaders, for campaigning with me in Fairmont. As you can see (below photo) we had a blast!

Click to view more pictures from Mapleton and Fairmont.

Helen and Dick Gould
Rosen and Gunther


While campaigning in Rochester this past Wednesday I stopped by the Mayo Clinic to shoot this short video offering my solutions to help all southern Minnesotans, especially our Veterans, receive timely and quality medical care from the doctors and providers of choice.


Sunday’s Orlando massacre at the hands of an Islamic supremacist once again reminds us that followers of radical Islam and believers in Islamic supremacy are the enemy. To defend the United States and protect the American people we must stop importing people who hate the U.S., abhor our western culture or refuse to assimilate.

Minnesota has an existing terrorist recruiting problem and the FBI is bogged down tracking over 1,000 potential ISIS terrorist plots.

The problem of Islamic terrorism has increased as political leaders (including my opponent) have used political correctness as a weapon to deflect attention away from their radical open borders and refugee policies.

My solutions to prevent or minimize the problem of Islamic terrorism include: taking a refugee program timeout, securing America's borders, rejecting amnesty, creating a biometric Visa/passport system, deporting foreigners who overstay temporary Visas and repatriating refugees and asylees to their home countries.

I have publically addressed this issue and offered solutions for more than 6 years. This matter is so critical that I will continue speaking out and addressing the issue until we solve the problem.


Our campaign commissioned Harper Polling to conduct a survey of First District voters to gauge opinion on the race for Congress and President. This week we will issue the full results via a special email.

The results show Walz to be extremely weak, especially for a 10-year incumbent. The issues are in our favor and southern Minnesota’s voters prefer to vote Republican for Congress (Republican – 42% / Democrat 32% / Undecided 26%).

We are in good striking position to defeat an entrenched liberal. Our campaign works hard, but we still need the financial resources to build stronger name ID, expose Walz’s very liberal and failed voting record and offer my positive commonsense solutions to defend America, expand our economy and protect our God-given rights.

Please make a contribution via our secure electronic server (ours is not housed in a Colorado bathroom like Hillary Clinton’s) or send a check to: Friends of Hagedorn; 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001. Thank you!

Hagedorn - Walz


Walz votes for Obama’s inflationary $10 per barrel oil tax:

AT WALZMART, ALWAYS HIGHER PRICES! Last week my opponent voted to support President Obama's $10 per barrel tax on crude oil. Once again, Tim Walz has exposed himself as a global warming alarmist who supports extremist environmental taxes & regulations that increase your cost of fuel and all products/services tied to petroleum.

For more on this issue and my full pro-energy views see this Facebook post.

Support the Police

I support our Police and State Rep. Tony Cornish:

Politically correct liberals are calling my friend, State Rep. Tony Cornish, all sorts of names for suggesting people should obey the law to avoid bad interactions with our police (see link). Question for the left, is Chris Rock ("How not to get your a__ kicked by the police") racist as well? Ridiculous.

Meanwhile, last summer the Democrat National Committee passed a resolution supporting Black Lives Matter. The very next day, the anti-police group disrupted our Minnesota State Fair chanting "pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon." Disgusting.

I wholeheartedly support the men and women who protect and serve our communities and I stand with those willing to defend our law enforcement officers. Click here to read Representative Cornish’s excellent letter.

Where’s Walzdo on Obama’s gun control regulations?:

It's been more than 5 months since President Obama unveiled new gun control rules and still not one peep from Tim Walz about the issue. No wonder Gun Owners of America gives Walz an "F" and me an "A" on firearms issues.

To defend the 2nd Amendment and your right to keep and bear arms, elect Hagedorn as your next Congressman! To read my press release condemning Obama’s gun grab click here.

Obama and Walz support expansion of transgendered VA benefits:

With 500,000 Vets waiting more than 30 days for medical care, why are Pres Obama & followers like Tim Walz bent to expand VA treatment for the transgendered? Can anyone say “political correctness?” For more see this Newsmax article.

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats will shred the 2nd Amendment:

HRC will replace Justice Scalia with an anti-gun liberal who will swing the Supreme Court against your “individual” right to keep and bear arms. No 2nd Amendment advocate should vote Democrat in this election. Click for NRA article.


This week I am scheduled to campaign across the First District, participate in parades and seek your financial support.

Thanks for reading!

Jim Hagedorn
Endorsed Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First Congressional District