Hagedorn Weekly Report #54

Jim Filing for Office


It was a thrill to file for election as the Republican candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s First District this week. Sincere thanks to Minnesota’s First District Republican Party for their endorsement and thank you for your support and encouragement!


In case you missed it, I highlighted Tim Walz’s recent “crazy talk” that his Obamacare vote had nothing to do with health insurance. Check out my Facebook video response by clicking here.

Mitch Berg


Thanks to news outlets and reporters for covering the race for First District Congress.  Click on the link(s) to view, read or listen to the news reports about our campaign.

ROCHESTER POST-BULLETIN; Letter-to-the-editor supporting my solutions on Veterans issues by U.S. combat veteran Jeremy Griffith

PATRIOT RADIO AM 1240; Mitch Berg interviews Jim Hagedorn at the Minnesota State Convention in Duluth (interview starts at 18:10 mark)


Our campaign commissioned the respected Harper polling firm to conduct a mid-May survey on the race for Congress. We will post the results in next week’s report, but I can share that the generic vote for Congress in Minnesota’s First District is encouraging:

Republican     -     42%
Democrat       -     32%
Undecided      -     26%

The Hagedorn campaign is in strong position to take back this seat! The people of southern Minnesota are ready for conservative change. All we need to win is your support. Please make a contribution today at www.jimhagedorn.org/donate.

Hagedorn - Walz


Tim Walz’s buddy, Secretary Robert McDonald, compares wait times at Disney with wait times for VA medical care:

Note to Secretary Robert McDonald: Standing in line to ride Disney's Space Mountain is not a life or death matter for U.S. veterans; but, the long appointment wait times of your and Obama's VA have literally killed our retired military heroes.

It's time to elect new leaders with bold new solutions to deliver the benefits our veterans were promised, have earned, and so much deserve.

I support empowering every veteran to choose his or her own doctors and receive timely, quality medical and mental health care from either the VA or private hospitals and providers. My opponent, Tim Walz, opposes my solution.

I also support enactment of the VA Accountability Act of 2016, a bill to enable the expeditious demotion or firing of VA employees who abuse veterans. My opponent voted against this bill and tried to justify his vote by saying it was a "right to work" issue for the VA employees. No, Tim, it was a right to life issue for our veterans.

I will be a far superior congressman for veterans and all southern Minnesotans than my liberal, misguided opponent.

To read the news story click here.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s email troubles continue to mount:

If Obama and the Democrats weren’t so corrupt, Hillary Clinton would be introducing herself to cellmates, rather than VP running mates. It’s just a matter of time until Tim Walz is forced to explain his super delegate support for HRC, even though Bernie Sanders won MNCD1 with 66% of the vote. To view the news article click here.

Walz’s vote for Obama’s Iran deal looks worse and worse:

My opponent has been wrong about every major Middle East issue. Tim Walz's vote for Obama's reckless Iran deal effectively wired the Khamanei regime $150 billion to purchase weapons, finance terrorism & build nukes. To read the article click here.

Even more Obamacare rate hikes projected for 2017:

Obamacare is only one of many destructive big government votes cast by Tim Walz that have dramatically increased your cost of food, fuel, electricity, health insurance and virtually every product and service. Just like Obamacare, Tim Walz is not affordable. To read the article click here.


This week I am scheduled to campaign across the First District, participate in parades and seek your financial support.

Memorial Day


Today we pay tribute to the more than 1 million U.S. military men and women who have died in uniform defending our freedom and liberating people around the world.

This morning I had the pleasure of attending the Memorial Day Ceremony in Winnebago to honor our fallen military heroes. For more on this event see our Facebook post.

Thanks for reading!

Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First District