Hagedorn Weekly Report #50

Jim and Newt


Thanks to the conservative Freedom Club for inviting me to attend last Thursday’s Spring Dinner featuring former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. It was an honor to shake hands with Speaker Gingrich and I enjoyed his insightful and humorous speech analyzing the state of U.S. and global politics.

Thanks also to small business leaders and strong supporters David and Betsy Pieper for sponsoring our Caledonia meet and greet this past Tuesday (see photo below). I had a great time talking politics with Houston County residents and visiting with business owners and customers on Caledonia’s Main Street.

David and Betsy Pieper


Recently I proposed several policy solutions to make VA bureaucrats more accountable and empower all veterans to receive timely, quality and affordable medical care and health insurance.

Thanks to reporter Heather Carlson and the Rochester Post-Bulletin for this news story highlighting my reform ideas and Tim Walz’s defense of the Washington, D.C. bureaucracy and the status quo.

Clearly, Walz wants no part of my solution to empower each and every veteran to choose his/her own doctor and receive timely, quality medical care whenever or wherever needed (even though he and his family enjoy those luxuries).

Embarrassingly for Walz, Vietnam veteran and Secretary of State, John Kerry, agrees with me! In this Austin American Statesman news article published, April 27, 2016, Secretary Kerry said, “I’ll probably get in trouble for this, but veterans ought to be able to go anywhere, not just to government hospitals, for health care.”

For my full views on the current state of the VA and my solutions to help veterans, please listen to this interview with U.S. veteran Jeremy Griffith.


Faribault Daily News; Otto Luknic Letter-to-the-Editor:

Thanks to small business and community leader Otto Luknic for this letter published in the Faribault Daily News recounting several recent Hagedorn Main Street campaign visits to Rice County and the burdens imposed upon businesses and employees by excessive federal regulation and Obamacare. 

Rochester Post-Bulletin, Heather Carlson story: Hagedorn Attacks Walz on Veterans:

Thanks to reporter Heather Carlson for covering the race for Congress and the stark differences between Tim Walz and myself on veterans issues. Read article here.



U.S. economy remains anemic; Hagedorn offers free enterprise solutions to spur economic growth and high-wage jobs:

The U.S. economy remains anemic and over-burdened with excessive federal regulation, taxation, debt, welfare, Obamacare and DC-based crony capitalism. The big government Socialism of Obama-Clinton-Walz has failed.

To grow our economy and create high-wage jobs we must elect national leaders devoted to reconnecting America with what works - free enterprise capitalism. I am one of those leaders. To view my pro-growth reforms and solutions, click here.

Kansas and Maine prove work-for-welfare works:

Kansas and Maine are examples of how work-for-welfare encourages private sector employment and self-sufficiency. If elected to Congress, I will fight to reinstate the work requirements for able-bodied welfare recipients that Tim Walz voted to repeal and opposes. To read the news story, click here.

Venezuela proves the folly of Socialism:

"The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money" - Margaret Thatcher

Venezuela, long considered an emerging socialist utopia by America's leftists, is now so broke the nation cannot even pay foreign currency manufacturers to produce their worthless paper money. See news article here.

Instead of top-down central government micromanagement, Venezuela should try something called free enterprise capitalism - the proven best economic system to spur economic activity, create high-wage jobs and increase the standard-of-living.

MNCD1 Elephant


Our campaign is looking forward to the May 7th First District Convention in Mankato. For full details, please visit the MNCD1 Republican website.


This week I’m looking forward to visiting the Le Sueur County GOP, contacting Republican delegates and alternates, making fundraising calls and preparing for the MN-CD1 Convention in Mankato.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First District