Hagedorn Weekly Report #49


The congressman that failed to wish constituents a Merry Christmas or Happy Easter found his Twitter voice to celebrate Earth Day this past week.

Walz’s slight of revered religious holidays and promotion of a secular political holiday is no great surprise. Environmental extremism has become a religion for left wing Democrats. In fact, Tim Walz is a global warming alarmist who worships at the altar of Mother Earth and his high priest is Al Gore.

Walz has voted for cap and trade, extremist EPA regulations to bankrupt America’s coal industry, regulations to punish fracking and oil and gas exploration, Obama’s over the top “Clean Power Plan” and several more big government schemes to punish producers of traditional energy sources.

Based upon his 10-year voting record, Tim Walz will not be content until your electricity rates necessarily skyrocket, your fuel costs remain perpetually elevated and the price of every product and service in the United States ratchets higher.

By contrast, I support U.S. energy independence achieved through an all-of-the-above approach. The United States became a great industrial, agricultural and economic power in large measure due to abundant, reliable and low-cost energy.

Our nation has more natural resources than any other on earth. It’s time to elect a new Republican President and a new First District Congressman who will work to achieve energy independence and also build the energy infrastructure (pipelines, refineries and distribution points) needed to efficiently utilize the resources that God gave America.

Unlike my liberal global warming opponent, I stand for policies that will place downward pressure on energy costs, increase your disposable income, create high-wage jobs, spur manufacturing and help farmers, small businesses and the U.S. economy prosper.



It was another excellent week of traveling the First District. I had fun attending the Northrop fundraiser to raise money for the St. James Lutheran Church, which was recently destroyed by fire (see picture above with strong supporters Chris and Cindy Wessel of Rochester).

I also had the pleasure of attending the “Beauty for Ashes” musical fundraiser to raise funds for Madelia’s rebuilding efforts. This was my fourth visit to Madelia since a devastating fire destroyed many Main Street buildings in February.

Lastly, our campaign continues to stay connected with southern Minnesota’s Republican activists. On Thursday, I attended the Winona, Houston and Fillmore GOP endorsing convention for popular Republican State Representative Greg Davids.


This Thursday I held a press conference in Rochester to discuss the plight of America’s veterans.

As you know, my opponent has staked his congressional career on this issue. Sadly, after working hand-and-hand with President Obama’s VA as well as serving on the committee of jurisdiction for 10 years, veterans are worse off today than when Tim Walz was first elected to Congress.

Please listen to my interview with U.S. veteran Jeremy Griffith, in which I offer straight-forward analysis of the state of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and propose bold solutions to hold VA bureaucrats accountable as well as empower veterans to choose their own doctors and receive timely, quality and affordable medical care and health insurance.

If elected to serve as your congressman I will fight to provide veterans with the benefits promised, earned and so well deserved.


Worthington Daily Globe; Leroy Vetsch Letter-to-the-Editor – Walz bipartisan? Just look at the history:
Thanks to respected public school educator Leroy Vetsch for this letter-to-the-editor exposing Tim Walz as a liberal and typical Inside-the-Beltway politicians, especially on the issue of Obamacare.

Worthington Daily Globe: Ryan Brinks Letter-to-the-Editor – Big Spender Walz has hurt us:
Thanks to GOP leader Ryan Brinks for this letter-to-the-editor highlighting Tim Walz’s failed liberal record, especially Walz’s big spending votes that have more than doubled the national debt during his 10 years in DC ($8.5 trillion in 2006 to $19.3 trillion today).

Bank Note


I depend upon you, the good and decent people of southern Minnesotan, to provide the vast majority of our campaign’s resources.

Our next grassroots meet and greet fundraiser will be held in Houston County on April 26th - 137 East Main Street; Caledonia, MN from 4:00 – 7:00 pm. Please join us! Click to view flyer for more details.

Please consider making a donation of $25, $50, $100 or more today and help us deliver our winning message of Peace through Strength, free enterprise capitalism, limited government, the rule of law and defense of our God-given rights. To make a contribution by check, please mail to: Friends of Hagedorn; 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001.

Together, we will finish the job and defeat liberal Tim Walz in November. Thank you!

Hagedorn vs. Walz


Democrats show no compassion toward victims of illegal alien crimes:

Every murder, torture, rape, battery and identity theft crime by an illegal alien is a preventable act. Federal officials, including my open borders & amnesty opponent, Tim Walz, have failed the American people.

The first responsibility of a Member of Congress is to defend the United States and protect the American people. I will perform this responsibility far more effectively than Walz.

We must secure America's borders, return to regular order on deportations, cut-off federal funds to lawless sanctuary cities that protect illegal alien criminals, create a verifiable work program and establish a biometric entry/exit passport and Visa system.

To read the news story click here.

Black Lives Matter

Walz and DFL are wrong to support Black Lives Matter:

Southern Minnesotans must wonder why Tim Walz & the DFL continue to support Black Lives Matter. Remember how BLM disrupted the Minnesota State Fair & shouted: Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon? Walz should apologize for his support of the hate group. To read more click here

Minnesota’s Islamic terrorists helping ISIS infiltrate U.S. via Mexico:

Minnesota has a terrorist recruiting problem from existing east African refugees. Last year, 10 Somalis were arrested for conspiring to help ISIS and finance terrorist operations. This week it was revealed that Minnesota's Islamic terrorists were plotting to help ISIS infiltrate the United States through the porous U.S. – Mexico border.
Unlike Tim Walz, who supports open borders, Obama’s amnesty and has never addressed Minnesota’s ongoing Islamic terrorist recruiting problem, I support solutions to protect the American people.

I support securing America’s borders and defending our nation from illegal immigration. Additionally, I have also called for the federal government to take a refugee program “timeout.” (See my Star-Tribune commentary here).

To read the news story click here

MNCD1 Elephant


Our campaign is looking forward to the May 7th First District Republican Convention in Mankato. For full details, please visit the MNCD1 Republican website.


This week I’m looking forward to meeting supporters during Tuesday’s fundraiser in Caledonia, attending the Freedom Club’s dinner featuring former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, making fundraising calls and connecting with First District Republican delegates and alternates.
Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First District