Hagedorn Weekly Report #47

Jim Hagedorn


Southern Minnesota’s farmers and agribusinesses are struggling with low commodity prices, high input costs, a glut of product and the lowest median-income in 20 years (See Mankato Free Press story

The farmers I meet on Main Street and in the coffee shops understand the ups and downs of farming, but don’t understand why their congressman has cast so many anti-farmer votes to drive up their basic costs.

Farmers, small businesses, community bankers and other southern Minnesotans are learning first-hand how Tim Walz’s liberal votes are needlessly increasing the cost-of-business, the cost-of-living and eating up bottom line income.

Some of Tim Walz’s most harmful anti-farmer, anti-agriculture actions include support for extremist EPA regulations, voting for Obamacare (which is costing many farmers $20,000 or more each year), devastating community banks by voting for Dodd-Frank and supporting left wing anti-U.S. energy global warming policies that are needlessly driving up the cost of fuel, fertilizer, electricity and every product and service in the United States.

As if those votes were not bad enough, Walz supports massive federal and state fuel taxes that will force you to pay 40-50 cents more per gallon at the pump.

When farmers and agribusinesses struggle, our small communities, Main Street businesses and rural economy suffer. Any congressman representing Minnesota’s First District should vote for policies to place downward pressure on our basic costs. Tim Walz has bull headedly done the opposite.

If elected to serve as your Congressman, I will work to neuter the EPA and the global warming extremists, repeal and replace Obamacare, repeal Dodd-Frank, block gas/diesel fuel tax increases and support policies to help sustain family farming and our rural way of life.

Blue Earth Convention


I had a great time this week visiting the Republican County Conventions in Freeborn, Blue Earth and Le Sueur Counties.

My message of taking power from the Washington, D.C. politicians, bureaucrats and interest groups and sending it back to the States and the American people was well received. I truly believe Republicans must win this election and govern with the courage of our conservative convictions, or we will lose the United States as envisioned by our Forefathers. The stakes are that dire!

Thanks to farmer Lewis Reiman, businessman David Pieper and former First District Deputy Chairman Jim Hahn for representing me at the Fillmore, Houston and Brown County conventions, respectively.

Also this week I attended the GOP Elephant Club luncheon in Minneapolis and built more support for our campaign with Republican officials. It was a pleasure visiting with MNGOP Deputy Chair Chris Fields (see below photo) and discuss strategy as we move squarely into the campaign season.

Chris Fields


Faribault County Register; Call [Hagedorn] the Running Man:
Thanks to Editor Chuck Hunt and the Faribault County Register for this article covering a recent Hagedorn event in Blue Earth.

Hagedorn - Walz


Hagedorn Offers Solutions to Expand U.S. Economy:

President Obama and Democrats like Tim Walz have left us with a stagnant economy, 94 million Americans out of the workforce, record welfare and higher costs for health care, energy and food that are eating up disposable incomes. If we are going to grow our economy, deal with the $19 trillion national debt and create high-wage jobs, we must weed out excessive government in the marketplace. For my full views please click here.

480,000 Veterans Waiting 30+ Days for Basic Medical Care:

Veterans continue to be abused by Obama’s VA. According to the USA Today almost a half-million veterans are waiting more than a month for basic medical care.

Enough is enough; Congress must empower every veteran to choose his/her own doctor and receive medical care from whenever and wherever needed. Veterans deserve the same (or better) level of timely, quality medical and mental health care as Members of Congress and government bureaucrats. Click here for more.

Illegal Aliens Continue to Kill Americans:

Sadly another illegal alien killed more Americans – this time a firefighter and his two children. Idiotically, Tim Walz continues to support open borders, amnesty and blanket welfare for illegal aliens. I support securing America’s borders, returning to the rule of law on immigration matters and defending the United States and the American people. For more see this Facebook post.

Super Delegate Tim Walz Supports a Candidate Investigated by 147 FBI Agents:

147 FBI agents are investigating Hillary for felony crimes related to improperly handling classified information, and yet establishment super delegate Tim Walz remains a loyal HRC supporter over Bernie Sanders who won MN-CD1 with 66% of the vote. Will Tim promise to switch to Bernie if Clinton is indicted? See Newsmax article here.

Obamacare is Complicating Filing Taxes:

Tim Walz’s vote for Obamacare is hurting southern Minnesotans in many ways, including making tax filing way too complicated. For more click here.


This week I will be visiting the GOP County Conventions in Olmsted, Nicollet and Martin Counties as well as making fundraising calls and meeting voters across the First District.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First District