Hagedorn Weekly Report #45

Brussels Attack

Islamic Terrorism –

The unfortunate terrorist attack in Brussels has once again confirmed that a subset of radical Muslims will perpetrate acts of violence to punish and destroy western civilization. For millions of followers, Islam is not only a religion; it is a political, judicial, economic and cultural ideology that commands supremacy.

Politically correct Tim Walz may find my observation “un-Minnesotan” and anti-Muslim; but it’s the truth. Walz has done a miserable job in Congress these past 10 years on this issue. Walz refuses to identify our enemy as “radical Islam” and his open borders, amnesty and support of lax migration polices from nations that hate America have led to an Islamic terrorist-recruiting problem in the USA and Minnesota.

Immediately following the Brussels attacks I issued this statement and also reminded voters of this video released in November, calling for a refugee program “timeout.” The first responsibility of a Member of Congress is to defend the United States and protect the American people. Rest assured that as your congressman I will do just that.



It was another great week campaigning across southern Minnesota. I attended 5 overflow GOP County Conventions (Steele, Rice, Waseca Watonwan and Rock Counties, see above photos) and addressed over 350 fired up conservatives on Saturday!

My message of wrestling power from the Washington, D.C. politicians, bureaucrats and interest groups and sending authority back to the States and the American people was well received. Republicans understand that our nation is in trouble and we must win this election and make big, bold changes to move the United States in the right direction.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to attend all 8 of Saturday’s conventions; but, thankfully loyal supporters represented us at key locations. Thanks to Leroy Vetsch, Kyle Pirron and Mike Enger for speaking to delegates at the Nobles, Winona and Faribault County Conventions, respectively. Thanks also to lifelong friend and former 2nd District GOP Chair Neal Breitbarth for traveling the 450 miles with me Saturday. It was an energizing day!


The Mankato Times; Hagedorn  Calls for Immigration Changes Following Brussels ISIS Attacks:

Thanks to publisher/editor Joe Steck and the Mankato Times for reporting on the recent Brussels Islamic terrorists attack and my policy of limiting immigration from nations that hate America. Click to read article.

Bank Note


Our campaign has 3 grassroots fundraisers scheduled for this coming week in Waseca, Blue Earth and Jackson (see below for more details).

Tim Walz is bankrolled by inside-the-beltway lobbyists, trial lawyers, Twin Cities socialists, government labor unions, extremist environmental groups and the abortion-on-demand lobby. Meanwhile, we rely upon the support of fine Americans like you to deliver our winning conservative message and increase my name identification.

Please attend one of our fundraisers or make a contribution today to help finance our campaign. To contribute electronically, click here. To make a contribution by check, please mail to: Friends of Hagedorn; 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001. Thank you!

Upcoming Hagedorn Fundraising events:

Waseca County (Waseca); March 28th

Fundraiser; March 28th from 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm at the American Legion; 700 South State Street; Waseca, MN. $100 suggested contribution but any amount gratefully accepted. View flyer

Faribault County (Blue Earth); March 29th

Fundraiser; March 29th from 5:15 – 7:30 pm at Hamilton Hall; 219 South Main Street; Blue Earth. View flyer

Jackson County (Jackson); March 31st

Fundraiser; March 31st from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm at Full Tilt Performance; 2041 Hwy 71; North Jackson, MN. $100 suggested contribution but any amount gratefully accepted. View flyer

Hagedorn - Walz


Obama Seeks Advice from Cuba’s Dictator:

Incredibly, President Obama welcomed Dictator Raul Castro’s criticism of the United States during his trip to Cuba.  No, Mr. President, the United States has nothing to learn from a totalitarian communist despot and butcher!

In my view this Cuba overture is just more of Obama’s one-way street diplomacy - think Iran - that props up an enemy regime at the expense of those longing for freedom. For more, click here.

Minnesota’s Somali Influx Continues Unabated:

Check out this WND news article highlighting how the U.S. government’s acceptance of massive migration from East Africa has led to a terrorist-recruiting problem in the USA and Minnesota. My commentary on the subject can be found in this Facebook post.

USA Today: VA Wait Times Still Manipulated:

Tim Walz is desperate to be viewed by voters as solving VA problems he and President Obama created. Perhaps that’s why Tim missed this USA Today article highlighting how excessive wait times and other problems are still part of the VA’s culture.

Walz has failed veterans during his 10 years in Congress. Veterans are worse off today than when Walz was elected in 2006 and Walz refuses to embrace my commonsense solutions - empower veterans to choose their own doctors and receive the timely, quality medical care that they deserve!

Senator Symms


I’m spending a few days this week building support for our campaign in D.C. by meeting with Republican National Congressional Committee officials and powerful supporters like our campaign’s national point man, former U.S. Senator Steve Symms of Idaho (see above picture). I’m honored to receive the backing of Senator Symms, a proud Marine and great conservative who helped President Ronald Reagan rebuild America’s military in the 1980s.



During the 2014 campaign a Christian broadcasting personality asked me what God meant to me. My answer: with God, there is hope. In fact, because of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we have the promise of eternal life. I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy Easter with your family!

Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First District