Hagedorn Weekly Report #35

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This past week I made visits across southern Minnesota and attended the First District Republicans executive meeting in Albert Lea, visited with Republican activists from Fillmore, Mower, Houston and Winona counties in Preston and traveled “I-90 West” for numerous “in studio” interviews with media outlets in Faribault, Martin, Jackson and Nobles counties.


Engaging the media and addressing issues promptly and straight-forwardly is an important part of our grassroots campaign. Thanks to these news outlets for covering our race for Congress this week:

KWOA Radio (Worthington) – click here to listen to my interview with News Director Justine Wettschreck of Worthington’s KWOA Radio. In the clip I discuss why 2016 is a defining election and I also offer my conservative solutions to deal with radical Islam, secure America’s borders, stymie Obama’s unlawful executive orders and improve the U.S. economy by taking power from the Washington, D.C. politicians and bureaucrats and returning it to the states and American people.

The Mankato Times (Mankato) – check out this story published by the online newspaper, The Mankato Times, reporting on my opposition to President Obama’s gun control executive action as well as my defense of the 2nd Amendment and the authority of Congress to write our nation’s laws. The article points out that Tim Walz is “carefully reviewing” Obama’s action. In fact, more than a week later Walz still hasn’t taken a position.


We are finalizing plans to hold grassroots fundraisers in Rock County, Faribault County, Rice County and elsewhere. (Details to follow in our next Weekly Report). If you would like to hold a fundraiser or meet-and-greet, please email info@jimhagedorn.org.

To support our campaign financially, please make a contribution electronically click here or make checks out to Friends of Hagedorn and mail to: Friends of Hagedorn; 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001.

Thank you!


Obama “going rogue” on executive actions:

The White House seems intent to defeat every last liberal Democrat in 2016. After issuing unpopular unlawful executive actions to grant amnesty for illegal aliens, implement gun control and misuse the EPA to bankrupt the coal industry, Obama insiders are promising even more, including unilateral action to close the Guantanamo Bay prison. Tim Walz has voted to sustain and fund the vast majority of President Obama’s unconstitutional executive actions and will pay the price come election time. Click to read the news story and my full Facebook post.

The FBI probe of Hillary Clinton is expanding:

If he isn’t already regretting his early endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President, Tim Walz may soon come to that conclusion especially now that the FBI is investigating HRC for influence peddling and other sorts of corruption. For more information read this Facebook post.

KSTP/SurveyUSA poll shows Clinton losing Minnesota (revisited):

Remember that poll conducted in early November showing Hillary Clinton losing to 5 of the GOP presidential candidates in Minnesota? Well, a closer look at the crosstab data reveals that southern Minnesota is Clinton’s weakest region.  Every last Republican candidate beats Hillary soundly in southern Minnesota and her “support” is in the 20s and 30s!

Clearly, First District voters do not trust the Democrat front-runner and they do not want any part of what Clinton-Walz offer – Barack Obama’s 3rd term. To review the poll information click here.

The U.S. economy remains weak with 92 million Americans out of the workforce:

Check out this Facebook post offering my opinion on why the U.S. economy remains stagnant with massive big government intervention, underemployment, welfare and debt. I also outline the steps we must take to reconnect our nation with free enterprise and help create wealth and high-wage jobs for working Americans.  

Another 41 foreign-born people arrested on Islamic terrorism charges:

A recent news story highlights the 41 new cases of foreign-born people plotting to help ISIS and other radical Islamic syndicates. In September I called for a refugee program “timeout” because Minnesota and the United States already have a terrorist-recruiting problem from existing east African refugees. We must defend the United States and protect the American people from followers of radical Islam.


This week I will continue our media swing, interact with agricultural leaders at the Minnesota Pork Board’s Taste of Elegance in Minneapolis, meet with GOP organizations and make fundraising calls.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First District