Hagedorn Weekly Report #33 & 34

Hagedorn - Debate

2016 IS OUR YEAR! –

Happy New Year! 2016 is the year we take back our country and begin restoring America’s greatness by reconnecting with what works:

  • Peace through Strength
  • Free enterprise
  • Limited government
  • Rural values
  • The rule of law

Things are looking good. Our campaign continues to work hard to shake hands with southern Minnesotans and organize across the First District. We are connecting with GOP activists and officials at the grassroots, state and national levels. If you would like to be part of our team, please email us at info@jimhagedorn.org.

On the macro-politics front, the liberal Democrat position continues to weaken. President Obama’s approval is low and the likely Democrat standard-bearer, Hillary Clinton, who has received the wholehearted endorsement of Tim Walz, is neither liked nor believed by the vast majority of southern Minnesotans.

This election is going to be fought on critical national issues. Most believe the United States is moving in the wrong direction. Few want a third term of Obama policies, which Clinton-Walz offer. Instead, voters are looking for leaders who will implement the straight-forward principles presented above; leaders who will take power from Washington, D.C. and return authority to the states and American people; leaders who will place the needs of the country and citizens ahead of power, money and career.

So get fired up…we can and will win this election!


You can count on seeing me in all 21 of the First District’s counties countless times through the election. The best part of running for Congress is engaging future constituents and gaining your views.

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the Le Sueur County GOP monthly meeting and tonight I am scheduled to join activists from Fillmore, Houston, Mower and Winona counties at a MNGOP grassroots strategy meeting in Preston.


Please follow our campaign by visiting our website (www.jimhagedorn.org) liking us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/hagedornforcongress) following us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/jimhagedornmn) and contacting us at info@jimhagedorn.org.


We are finalizing plans to hold grassroots fundraisers in Rock County, Steele County and Faribault County (more details to follow in a future report). If you would like to hold a fundraiser or meet-and-greet, please email info@jimhagedorn.org.

We are working hard to build the fundraising organization needed to compete head-to-head with Walz and win the election. Our team is expanding and we are making excellent connections in the First District, statewide and nationally.

To all who have already contributed financially, as well as those who have volunteered to help our campaign, “thank you!”

Please support our campaign. To make a contribution electronically click here. To contribute by check, please make checks out to Friends of Hagedorn and mail to: Friends of Hagedorn; 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001.


The Tim Walz record - a “Decade of Foreign Policy Disasters”:

The absolute chaos in Libya is more proof that Tim Walz has been wrong about every major Middle East and North Africa policy since his election in 2006. Walz voted for Hillary Clinton’s war that toppled Libya's Col. Muammar Gaddafi and led to the complete destabilization of Libya, the rise of radical Islam (al Qaeda & ISIS), the slaughter of Christians and massive Islamic migrant invasion of Europe. (For more, click here)

Congress sends Obamacare repeal/Planned Parenthood defunding bill to WH:

Congress completed action on a bill, H.R. 3762, to repeal Obamacare and block federal funds to Planned Parenthood. The measure will now be presented to the President for his consideration. As expected, Obamacare Democrat and abortion-on-demand extremist Tim Walz voted “no.” (For my full views, click here)

The President issues gun control executive order; Hagedorn challenges Walz to oppose Obama’s unconstitutional action:

In wake President Obama’s unlawful executive action to implement new federal gun control policies I issued this statement defending the 2nd Amendment as well as the authority of Congress to write our nation’s laws.

After several news cycles, Walz still hasn’t informed constituents of his position on Obama’s executive action. Supporters of the 2nd Amendment deserve a Congressman who is principled and willing to express a straight-forward policy position.

The Walz record - a “Decade of Despair for America’s Veterans”:

Recently Obama’s Department of Justice announced that VA employees who bilked taxpayers for hundreds of thousands of dollars would not be prosecuted or removed from their positions (click here for news story).

Two things: 1) Federal personnel laws must be reformed to enable expeditious firing of bureaucrats who steal/misuse tax dollars or abuse U.S. citizens. 2) Veterans must be given authority to select their own doctors and receive medical care when and where they wish.

My liberal opponent opposes both of these commonsense solutions. Meanwhile, veterans are worse off today than when Walz was first elected in 2006, and the VA has morphed into a dysfunctional mess since Obama-Walz took the reins.

Unlike Tim, I am a leader who will fight to truly empower veterans, reform the federal bureaucracy and protect the money and rights of American taxpayers and citizens.

Minn. Vikings


This week I will be visiting the MNGOP grassroots organization meeting in Preston, making fundraising calls, attending CD-1 GOP meetings in various counties, making media visits and watching our Minnesota Vikings win on Sunday!

Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First District