Hagedorn Weekly Report #31 & 32 - Merry Christmas!



Last week’s enactment of a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill proved once again that every day is Christmas in Washington, D.C.  The appropriations “Christmas tree” was loaded up with big spending ornaments and packages for all, except, that is, the hard-working American taxpayers who pay the bill!

As has been the case for this entire century, the “compromise” spending bill negotiated by national politicians of both parties further compromised our nation’s economy, job market and fiscal stability with higher deficit spending, bigger government, more crony capitalism and skyrocketing national debt.

To no one’s surprise, my big spending opponent voted to increase spending and the debt. Tim Walz’s vote for this irresponsible bill caps off a decade of DC debt, highlighted by trillion dollar deficits and an increase of the national debt from $8.5 trillion to the current level of $18.8 trillion. To fully understand how Ten Trillion Tim’s spending sprees are poised to crush our country as interest rates ratchet up, see this Facebook post.

To make matters worse, the omnibus bill fails to address the border security and immigration policies needed to defend the United States and protect the American people from Islamic terrorism and other felony crimes.

Shockingly, the legislation gives President Obama a blank check to import 300,000 new refugees and immigrants from Islamic nations that hate America, even though current screening methods have proven dangerously ineffective.

For more on how Tim Walz's vote for this bill compromises our national security and to learn more about my reform-minded solutions to expand our economy and restrain big government please read my press release.


Thanks to the Olmsted County GOP and Brown County Republicans for including me in their Christmas parties held in Rochester and New Ulm, respectively. As always, the best part of campaigning is traveling the First District, shaking hands and making friends.

I so much appreciate all the hard work southern Minnesota’s Republican leaders and activists perform. Thanks for all you do to help defeat Tim Walz and elect GOP candidates up-and-down the ticket!


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Hagedorn and Walz


HRC cares more about compromised campaign data than U.S. intelligence:

Tim Walz was in Iowa this past week stumping for his lackluster candidate for President, Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, Hillary is worried sick that hacked campaign information is in the hands of Bernie Sanders; yet, HRC lacks concern that secret U.S. intelligence may have been compromised and in the hands of China, Russia and Iran because she improperly stored a server in a Colorado bathroom.  For Hillary and the national Democrats politics always trumps our country. To read the article, click here.

Walz votes to compromise national security:

In case you missed it, here is my press release expressing opposition to the $1.1 trillion Omnibus spending bill based upon national security and other grounds.

Obama administration cannot locate 10,000 potential Islamic terrorists in U.S.:

Check out this Facebook post and article demonstrating how our government is unable to account for about 10,000 potential Islamic terrorists whose U.S. Visa’s were revoked on terrorism grounds. Our government is not adequately defending the United States and protecting the American people!

Higher interest rates are a problem due to irresponsible federal spending:

Did you know that every 1 point interest rate increase will increase the cost of financing the nation’s $18.8 trillion national debt by $250 billion? Talk about paying more and getting nothing in return! For more read here.


Mankato Free Press: Thanks to Mankato resident Dianne Schmidt for authoring this letter-to-editor taking Tim Walz to task for voting to leave America’s borders unprotected and supporting President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty for illegal aliens, including those who overstay US Visas from radical Islamic counties.

Jim with Justin


Christmas is a time of faith, family and, yes, gift-giving.

Nephew Justin and I had fun Christmas shopping at Best Buy (see above photo) earlier this week. Hopefully your Christmas shopping will go as smoothly and you will be able to enjoy the love and closeness of family during this holiday season.

Sadly, this Christmas six American families are mourning the loss of U.S. soldiers killed a few days ago in Afghanistan. I know you join me in offering those families – along with all who have made similar sacrifices on behalf of our nation – our wholehearted gratitude and the wish of comfort, peace, and some level of joy.

As a lifelong Missouri-Synod Lutheran I believe the greatest gift of all is the birth and life of Jesus Christ. As you celebrate family traditions and religious beliefs this season may your life be filled with great joy and happiness.

Merry Christmas!

Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First District