Hagedorn Weekly Report #22


This past week I attended an excellent charity event in Rochester to raise funds for the Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge program. Nearly 800 people were on hand to support the successful faith-based program that helps southern Minnesotans recover from drug and other serious addictions.

I enjoyed visiting with Rochester area leaders and meeting many of the men, women and teens currently undergoing treatment. See www.mntc.org/campus/rochester for more information.

Also this week I had the pleasure of spending part of Saturday’s pheasant opener with good friends Paul FitzSimmons and Jack Zimmerman (pictured below with Jack’s dog Moose). KEYC-TV Mankato aired a great feature story on Jack, that highlighted his service and sacrifice as a U.S. Army veteran and Jack’s passion for hunting. Click here to view.



Our campaign continues to work hard behind the scenes to stay connected with GOP officials and activists across the First District and build strong organizational strength in each of the district’s 21 counties. We are light years ahead of where we were at this point in the 2014 campaign and we are going to defeat liberal “Twin Cities Tim” Walz.

Our retail campaigning and your grassroots support will go a long way to taking back the seat and taking back our country in 2016. Today our campaign filed the 3rd quarter report with the Federal Election Commission. We reported election-cycle-to-date receipts of $75,000. We need your help to reach our fundraising goals.

Please help our campaign build strong financial momentum by contributing to our campaign today. To contribute electronically click here. To give by check, please make checks out to Friends of Hagedorn and mail to 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001. Thank you.


Our campaign’s next grassroots fundraiser will be held on the Eagle Lake farm of Mark FitzSimmons, Saturday, October 24th beginning at 9:00 am. 

Please attend our 2ND Amendment Saturday fundraiser and exercise your Right to Keep and Bear Arms by earning your Concealed Carry Permit certificate and/or participate in an informal trap shooting competition. For more detailed information click here.


Southern Minnesotans want an end to open borders and sanctuary cities:

We issued this Facebook post to attack Tim Walz for his liberal support of amnesty, open borders and lawless sanctuary cities. The people of southern Minnesota want America’s borders secured, illegal immigration ended and U.S. deportation and labor laws enforced. Walz has failed his constituents (and our nation) on this key national security, economic security and law-and-order issue.


Thanks to Rice County’s Faribault Daily News for publishing my commentary in which I call for a suspension of refugee transfers to the United States. The city of Faribault has experienced rapid migration of predominately East African Muslim refugees. Meanwhile, refugee transfers have created a terrorist-recruiting problem for the State of Minnesota.

Tim Walz continues to support the transfer of hundreds of thousands of Muslim and other refugees to the United States and southern Minnesota even though our state has been highlighted as one whose refugees have contributed to the expansion of violent jihad overseas. Walz and I are in complete disagreement on this issue. I believe Minnesota’s experience with refugees should serve as a national wake-up call and give cause to take a refugee “time-out.”


This week I am scheduled to attend GOP meetings, address the Albert Lea Lion’s Club, visit with farmers and make media and fundraising calls.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn