Hagedorn Weekly Report #18


Mantorville’s Marigold Days Parade

This past week our feisty Main Street campaign walked Mabel’s Steam Engine Days Parade with Fillmore County Republicans, walked Mantorville’s Marigold Days Parade (see picture above) with the Dodge County GOP, attended the Brown County Republican Fun Raiser in Sleepy Eye and met with influential Olmsted County conservatives in Rochester.

Prior to parades I do my best to shake hands and visit with local residents. Based upon the reaction I received this past Saturday in Mabel, Tim Walz is in deep trouble.

Veterans Mabel
Within a span of 20 minutes, I heard from 5 sets of residents who voiced deep displeasure with Walz for:

1) being a National Guardsman and yet voting for Obama’s weak nuclear deal with Iran (see above picture of vets who were livid with Walz)

2) voting for the Dodd-Frank Act that is driving rural community banks out of business

3) voting for Obamacare that forced a Mabel resident to pay 50% higher health insurance premiums with a 300% higher deductible that is “bankrupting our family”

4) leading the charge for Michelle Obama’s unpopular school lunch program that all but starves growing kids and offers less than tasty meals

5) supporting the transfer of Muslim refugees from the Middle East and Africa to the United States that has made Minnesota a breeding ground for Islamic terrorism.

It’s no wonder Tim Walz continues to shy away from holding town hall meetings and gaining the concerns of his constituents. The people of southern Minnesota are enraged with the incumbent’s 10 year record of liberalism, partisanship and failure and the pathetic state of our country.


Walz Votes for Obama’s Iran Deal:

I issued this press statement condemning Tim Walz’s overly partisan vote for Obama’s dangerous Iran deal and outlined my support for a U.S. military and foreign policy of “Peace through Strength.” Walz has supported all of Obama’s foreign policy blunders that have destabilized the Middle East, given rise to Islamic radicals like ISIS, led to the slaughter of Christians and the loss of U.S. prestige.

Also on this subject, the Mankato Times published this article highlighting public opposition to the Iran agreement and my clear-cut differences with the incumbent.

Hagedorn Supports Medical Care Choice for all Veterans:

We posted an article on our Facebook page that reported on how hundreds of thousands of America’s veterans have died waiting for medical care from the dysfunctional Veterans Administration.

Tim Walz has all but staked his congressional career on helping veterans; but, after almost 10 years in Congress veterans are worse off today than when Walz was first elected in 2006.

Veterans deserve a congressional advocate who thinks boldly and understands the limits of federal bureaucracies. As your Congressman I will fight for a new straight-forward policy that empowers every veteran to choose his/her own doctor and receive medical care whenever and wherever needed. Veterans deserve the same access to quality, timely medical care as is enjoyed by Tim Walz and Congress!

Remembering September 11, 2001

In this Facebook post I recounted my direct view of the smoldering Pentagon on 9/11 and how the tragic, evil acts on that day have shaped my understanding of the threat posed by radical Islam and the fact that the first responsibility of every federal officeholder is to defend the United States and protect the American people.


We are working hard to meet with residents of the First District and raise the funds needed to finish the job and defeat Tim Walz in 2016. One of the reasons I entered the race in early was to continue the momentum of our 2014 campaign and get a head start on fundraising.

Our issue-based campaign has strong name identification, an excellent organization, a growing number of passionate volunteers and valuable media, debate and general election experience - things that help us level the playing field with incumbent Walz. But we need your support to grow our campaign and raise the funds needed to deliver our winning conservative message and undress Walz as the liberal that he is.

Let’s be frank, Congressman Walz snaps his fingers and receives $5,000 and $10,000 contributions from corporate lobbyists, Planned Parenthood, federal government unions, gay activists and Twin Cities leftists. In the Walz campaign’s latest FEC report, more than 95% of “Twin Cities Tim’s” big donor contributions were from outside the First District, most from Minneapolis and St. Paul.

By contrast, the hardworking and frugal Hagedorn campaign must earn the support and generosity of mostly First District residents and like-minded conservative friends.  We rely on southern Minnesota’s family farmers, small business owners, conservative activists and hard-working average, everyday residents to fund our campaign and help us build a sizable war chest.

The time to build our campaign is now and in all honesty, we need every last $10, $25, $50, $100 or larger contribution to offset the big money Walz receives from his left-wing cronies.  Please support our campaign and for those who have already pitched in – you have our sincere thanks!

To make an electronic contribution please click on the donate button.  To contribute by check, please make your check payable to “Friends of Hagedorn” and mail to Friends of Hagedorn; 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001.  Thank you!


This week I am scheduled to walk in Worthington’s Turkey Days parade with Nobles County Republicans, walk in La Crescent’s Applefest parade with Houston County Republicans, make fundraising visits in Rice County, call prospective donors across the First District and challenge Tim Walz on the issues.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn
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