Hagedorn Weekly Report #14

Where's Walz(do)?


Our campaign remains in general election mode, taking out-of-touch “Twin Cities Tim” Walz to task for failing to hold town hall meetings and listening to the concerns of his constituents.

See our latest press release linking Walz to Waldo, the storybook character kids are challenged to locate in a maze of people, and asking Where’s Walz(do)?

I’ve been crisscrossing the First District, shaking hands with hundreds of southern Minnesotans at all the county fairs, most of the parades and on our Main Streets every week and can verify that Tim Walz is nowhere to be found!

Maybe Walz(do) is spending time with Waldo on the beach (see above picture), but southern Minnesotans certainly will not find their congressman at a town hall meeting this August.  Frankly, Tim’s afraid to face the voters who pay his lucrative salary.


Brown County Fair

We continue to work hard and fulltime to meet the people of the First District and compete for every vote. This week I traveled to Austin, Worthington and New Ulm to attend the Mower, Nobles and Brown county fairs, respectively.  At the Brown County Fair I made a nutritional purchase with Michelle Obama and Mayor Michael Bloomberg in mind (see picture above).  Thanks to the GOP volunteers for working the fair booths and helping promote the Republican Party and elect conservative candidates.

I also enjoyed meeting Faribault County residents prior to the Kernel Days Parade in Wells, shaking hands with more than 600 patrons of the Corn Cob Open in Jackson, addressing the Freeborn County Republican’s Annual Summer Picnic and attending the Blue Earth County GOP’s monthly BPOU meeting.


It’s the Islamic Terrorism, Stupid!

It’s been more than a month since the horrible murder of 5 U.S. servicemen by Palestinian immigrant Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez in Chattanooga and yet Tim Walz has yet to acknowledge the loss of military life or label the attack an act of Islamic terrorism.  Then again, just like Barack Obama, Tim Walz has never called radical Islam radical Islam (see below).

Islamic Terrorism

Illegal Immigration:

Our campaign utilized our Facebook page to highlight another tragic felony perpetrated by an illegal alien – this one a brutal rape and murder of a female U.S. Air Force veteran (see post).

Tim Walz has supported Barack Obama’s illegal amnesty and the lawless open borders polices that have transformed the United States into a sanctuary country.  Walz is a fraud and failure on the issue of illegal immigration and remains grossly out-of-step with southern Minnesotans.

The first responsibility of the federal government is to defend the United States and protect American citizens.  Walz and Obama have failed.  I will work with our next president to get the job done!

Planned Parenthood (Video 6):

We also used our campaign’s Facebook page to post the sixth investigative video detailing Planned Parenthood’s grotesque abortion procedures and the fact that baby parts were sold without the mother’s consent.  In the post we again call upon abortion-on-demand Walz to return the tainted $29,700 he has taken from Planned Parenthood.


Mankato Free Press: Thanks to Dan Linehan for this article offering a few of the reasons Tim Walz supports President Obama’s Iran deal and why I remain strongly opposed.

Note that in the article Walz charges that President Reagan’s foreign policy vis-à-vis Iran failed due to the Iran-Contra scandal.  Walz, the history teacher, receives an “F” from me for his "understanding" of Reagan’s foreign policy and world history.  The day Reagan was inaugurated, Iran released all U.S. hostages held for over 400 days during the Carter administration.  And, for virtually all of Reagan’s 8 years in the White House, Iran and Iraq fought to a stalemate war.  How were those bad times for America, Tim?

Mankato Free Press: Thanks to Mankato resident Diane Schmidt for this letter-to-the-editor and thanks to North Mankato residents Bob and Barb Wegscheid for their letter-to-editor, both of which express outrage that Tim Walz took $30,000 from Planned Parenthood and refuses to criticize the disgraced abortion bill.


This week I am scheduled to attend the Cottonwood, Le Sueur, Martin, Steele and Houston County Fairs, walk in Sleepy Eye’s Buttered Corn Days Parade with Brown County Republicans, visit Ahlman's Shooters Roundup in Morristown, make fundraising calls and keep the pressure on Tim Walz.

With appreciation,

Jim Hagedorn