Hagedorn (mid-May) Report


This week former F.B.I. Director Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel to investigate “all things Russia.” This reaction from left-leaning lawyer and professor Alan Dershowitz should be considered, see article here.

My view: It’s well past time for the Republican congressional majority to rise above the relentless acts of resistance and partisan political noise orchestrated by the defiant Democrat Party and the anti-Trump media and get to business.

Voters have given the Republican Party control of the White House, U.S. House and U.S. Senate. Failure to implement our conservative solutions and make dramatic change will spell disaster for the future of our country, as well as our party.

Congressional Republicans must partner with President Trump to secure America’s borders, reform and simplify the tax code, repeal/replace Obamacare, reform the federal regulatory process, achieve U.S. energy independence, give Veterans medical care choice, protect our God-given rights and Drain the D.C. Swamp!


Our campaign continues to build strong momentum following our razor-close 2016 election with Tim Walz. Click here to review all the positive details and click here to make a contribution!


Gil Gutknecht

I continue to travel southern Minnesota to connect with First District residents, Republican activists, financial donors and others to build support for our campaign.

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Conservative Conversations meeting in Rochester. One of the 30 or so community leaders in attendance was former First District Congressman Gil Gutknecht (see above photo).

Gil is a great American and I’m pleased we share many conservative issue positions, including restoring fiscal responsibility at the national level and ending illegal immigration by securing America’s borders and enforcing existing U.S. immigration laws.

Earlier this week I had the honor of attending the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual meeting in Minneapolis with great friends former U.S. Senator Rudy Boschwitz and his son, Tom (see photo below).

Rudy and Tom Boschwitz

In my view, the U.S.-Israel alliance must remain strong and I am encouraged by the Trump administration’s efforts to promote regional stability and stand firm against enemies like Iran, the world’s foremost state sponsor of Islamic terrorism.

HAGEDORN ON THE ISSUES (click on links to view) –

Hagedorn supports our police and law and order, #bluelivesmatter

4th generation dairy farmers outside Harmony, MN, forced out-of-business; Hagedorn offers pro-Agriculture/family farmer solutions

Hagedorn supports Attorney General Jeff Sessions plan to round up gangs, enforce U.S. immigration laws and crack down on drug dealers

Hagedorn continues to support solutions to secure America’s borders and implement a system of legal merit-based immigration

Hagedorn supports President Trump’s order to expand oil and gas exploration and achieve U.S. energy independence

The Cook Political Report shifts MN-1 rating from R+1 to R+5

Obama’s Iran Deal just gets worse and worse


Join the campaign!

Our hard-working campaign has scheduled an aggressive spring/summer/fall of retail campaigning. I am scheduled to walk in over 50 parades, visit all 21 county fairs and campaign in virtually every one of the First District’s cities.

If you would like to join our team and campaign with me from time-to-time as a volunteer, please contact us at info@jimhagedorn.org.

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Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First District