Hagedorn Campaign Report; early-March


Our campaign is already back out there, working hard across Minnesota’s First District.

Over the past several weeks I visited 15 GOP county conventions and updated delegates about our campaign. Staying connected with southern Minnesota’s Republican activists is critically important.

I have also attended several key events to enhance relationships with industry and political leaders. I especially enjoyed attending the Minnesota Pork Board’s “Taste of Elegance” reception in Minneapolis (pictured with me is former U.S. Senator Rudy Boschwitz and business owner and farmer Paul FitzSimmons) and also the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life legislative dinner in St. Paul (pictured with me is MCCL Legislative Director, Andrea Rau).


Our campaign continues to build momentum from the razor-thin 2016 election result.

For those who have forgotten the closeness of our election, it was Walz 50.3% - Hagedorn 49.6%. Had only 2 voters in each of the First District’s 697 precincts switched from Tim to Jim, we would have pulled off the congressional upset of the election cycle.

Recently, the National Republican Campaign Committee formally targeted Minnesota’s First District for GOP takeover. Click to read the press releases issued by the NRCC and the Hagedorn campaign.

The NRCC has also financed an early advertisement campaign against Walz, click to read.

National political pundits realize Tim Walz is vulnerable and our campaign is well positioned to win in 2018. Just this week, the non-partisan Inside Elections rated MN-CD1 as “Lean Democratic” and offered this analysis:

Minnesota. 1st District (Tim Walz, DFL, re-elected with 50%).

Trump 53%. NRCC Target. The congressman had a closer-than-expected race in a southern Minnesota district Trump carried over Clinton. Republican Jim Hagedorn’s showing in 2016 likely gives him a leg up to run again this cycle, particularly because he has navigated the party convention/nominating process. Walz is also considering a run for governor. An open seat would be problematic for Democrats, while the district with Walz running is still a concern. Lean Democratic.

For the full Inside Elections analysis, click here.


The only reason Tim Walz is still in Congress is because our campaign was outspent by more than 4-1. Had our campaign earned just a little more financial support we would have defeated Walz, handily.

My three keys to defeating Tim Walz (or winning an open seat) in 2018 are:

  1. Perseverance. Remain the hardest working congressional candidate in the nation, travel southern Minnesota and stay personally connected with residents.

  2. Message. Continue to articulate bold conservative solutions to solve America’s challenges and offer clear-contrasts to the failed record of Obama/Walz/DFL.

  3. Funding. Run a fully funded campaign to further increase name identification and offer issue-based advertisements to all voters in the First District.

Fundraising is critical, especially early fundraising. Please visit our electronic contribution page (www.jimhagedorn.org/donate) and contribute $25, $50, $100 or more. Or set up a monthly recurring contribution of $10 or even just $5 – it all makes a difference!

Your support is so important. I truly appreciate everything you do for our campaign!


During the campaign, I encouraged Tim Walz to hold Town Hall Meetings across the First District; so, I was pleased Tim held one in Rochester last week. Sadly, it was the first Town Hall Meeting Walz had conducted in Rochester in more than six years!

For those thinking the close 2016 election would prompt Walz to abandon his liberal positions and support President Trump’s platform, think again! Walz played to his liberal base and offered little to the majority of southern Minnesotans, who are opposed to Walz’s pro-Obama liberalism.

To read my statement about the Walz event, see this Mankato Times article or this story published in the Rochester Post-Bulletin.

Walz is scheduled to hold another Town Hall Meeting in Worthington, Saturday, March 4th, from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.  The event will be held at the Biotechnology Advancement Center; 1527 Prairie Drive; Worthington, Minnesota. I encourage residents to attend, be polite, ask good questions and press Walz for specific answers.


Walz knows that if I run a fully financed campaign we will easily close the 0.76% gap and beat him.

Our campaign pays little attention to Walz’s potential run for Governor. Frankly, we have two pathways to victory in 2018: Walz runs for reelection to Congress or Walz does something else.

No matter what Tim eventually decides, we will keep working hard and turn MN-CD1 Red in 2018.

(Picture taken from Rep. Tim Walz's Twitter page - Walz marching with National Organization of Women during the Anti-Trump Protest in Washington D.C., January 21, 2017)

Jim Hagedorn


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Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First District