Why I am Running

Dear Residents of Southern Minnesota,

I'm running for Congress because the United States is in serious trouble and we need to implement big, bold reforms to move America in the right direction.

I stand for solutions to take power from the Washington, D.C. politicians, bureaucrats and interest groups and return authority to the states and the American people.

To keep America safe, expand the economy and defend our God-given freedoms, we must reconnect with what works, the conservative principles of: Peace through Strength, free enterprise capitalism, limited government, traditional rural values and the rule of law.

My opponent is 10-year incumbent Democrat Tim Walz – the most liberal congressman in southern Minnesotaʼs history. Walz is increasingly vulnerable, as his soft on Islamic terrorism, big government and abortion-on-demand record is squarely at odds with the views and values of most First District residents.

We can and must win this critical election. Please support our campaign and, together, letʼs win back this seat, take back our country and restore Americaʼs greatness!”


• Military and foreign policy of ʻPeace through Strengthʼ
• Guard against Islamic terrorism with a refugee program “timeout”
• Secure Americaʼs borders and enforce existing immigration laws
• Replace Obamacare with free-market reforms
• Regulatory reform to defeat the EPA and excessive rulemaking
• Broad-based tax simplification
• Reinstate work-for-welfare (for able-bodied recipients)
• Achieve U.S. energy independence
• Budget reform with zero-based budgeting
• Empower veterans to choose their own doctors and medical care
• Defend Second Amendment, life, and religious freedom