July 7, 2016 | Press Release


Blue Earth, MN – Republican First District congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn slammed DFL incumbent Congressman Tim Walz for perpetually failing to address key issues in a timely and straight-forward manner.

“Congressman ‘Walzdo’ remains in hiding on the important issues,” Hagedorn charged.

“From the ‘Terrorist Watchlist’ gun control proposal to Minnesota’s status as ‘ground zero’ for Islamic terrorist recruitment of refugees to the ongoing disaster that is ObamaCare to a host of other critical matters, Tim Walz refuses to address the issues, hold wide-ranging press conferences and engage constituents through Town Hall meetings,” he said.

Hagedorn also criticized Walz, a DNC Super Delegate and supporter of Hillary Clinton, for withholding comment on the F.B.I.’s investigation of the former Secretary of State.

“One hundred and fifty F.B.I. agents investigated Hillary Clinton’s misuse of private email, possible ‘pay to play’ schemes involving the Clinton Foundation and irresponsible stewardship of U.S. classified information, and yet Tim Walz says nothing and the media stands idly by,” Hagedorn observed.

“Despite F.B.I. Director James Comey’s admission that Clinton’s handling of U.S. classified information was ‘extremely careless’ and she likely perpetrated reckless and criminal acts, he astonishingly failed to recommend HRC’s indictment,” said Hagedorn.

“It’s clear there are one set of laws for liberal DC Democrats and another for the rest of us,” said Hagedorn. “We must take back our country and defeat the double-standard corruption of the Washington politicians and bureaucrats,” he said.

“Tim Walz tacitly condones Clinton’s corrupt criminal conduct because [for Walz] any concern for national security, the rule of law and unearthing the truth consistently ends at the point Democrat politics begins,” he said.

Hagedorn said he will continue to address the issues and be accessible to the media and public. “The best way to show respect for the people and effectively represent southern Minnesotans in Congress is to stay connected and be honest and open about my issue-positions.”

“My opponent continues to hide from the people he is paid to represent because he loses votes whenever First District residents become aware of his liberal voting record and his blanket support of President Obama’s radical transformation of the United States,” Hagedorn said.