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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 4, 2013 For more information contact: Lon Firchau – 507.351.0954

“The Federal Government has become too big and powerful,” says Hagedorn

Blue Earth resident Jim Hagedorn today announced his candidacy for U.S. Congress in Minnesota’s First Congressional District. Hagedorn will be seeking Republican endorsement to challenge fourth-term Democrat Tim Walz. “I’m running for Congress to take power from the Washington, D.C. Establishment and return it to the States and the People. I’m running for Congress to attack and reform the federal bureaucracy and quash excessive regulation. I’m running for Congress to replace Liberal Tim Walz, who has excessively sided with President Obama and the Left Wing of the Democratic Party, instead of Southern Minnesotans,” said Hagedorn. Hagedorn criticized Walz for being the “most liberal Congressman in the history of Southern Minnesota” and hurting his constituents. “President Obama, Tim Walz and their liberal allies have enacted several horrible bills that are harming the economy and giving the federal government dominion over our daily lives,” said Hagedorn. “But of all the bad bills, Obamacare is the granddaddy monstrosity of them all. The cancer of Obamacare must be repealed and eradicated,” he said. Hagedorn, an outspoken critic of Republican leadership during the George W. Bush administration, said a window of opportunity may again be opening for the Republican Party. “The American people are beginning to sense the dysfunction and pain of Obama’s Big Government. If we work hard to win the next two elections – 2014 and 2016 – then Republicans will have the opportunity to implement bold reforms to save our Republic as the Forefathers envisioned. When we get the chance to lead again, our party must stand for principle and put country and the American people over money, power and career.” Hagedorn’s announcement of candidacy was held at the FitzSimmons farm in Good Thunder. The candidate used the venue to highlight Congressman Walz’s supposed defense of farmers. “You cannot vote for Obamacare and be for the farmer, you cannot support excessive EPA regulation and be for the farmer, you cannot vote for Cap and Trade and be for the farmer and you cannot vote for Dodd-Frank and be for the farmer,” said Hagedorn. A native of Blue Earth, Jim worked with his dad and grandfather on the family’s grain and hog farm located just outside Truman. In 1974, Jim’s father, Tom, was elected to Congress to represent Southern Minnesota, which he served until 1983. “Living on the farm and being part of our rural communities ingrained in me the small town values that have sustained me throughout life,” Hagedorn said. Hagedorn graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Government and Politics and served as the legislative assistant to former Congressman Arlan Stangeland. Hagedorn successfully managed the Congressman’s legislative agenda, including stewardship of a bipartisan “workfare” bill that required able-bodied welfare recipients to work for benefits. This bill was conceptually enacted into law shortly after Republicans won control of the House of Representatives in 1994. From 1991 to 1998, Jim served as the Director for Legislative and Public Affairs for the Financial Management Service, the U.S. Department of the Treasury agency responsible for the management of more than $2 trillion in federal funds. Hagedorn utilized his position as the agency’s congressional liaison to enact the “Mandatory Electronic Funds Transfer Act of 1995,” a measure that saves taxpayers more than $100 million each year by requiring the use of electronic funds transfer/direct deposit rather than expensive paper checks to disburse hundreds of millions of federal payments. This measure also led to the closure of three check-writing offices and the elimination of excessive bureaucratic jobs. Hagedorn also served as Congressional Affairs Officer for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the Department of the Treasury agency that manufactures U.S. paper currency and other security documents. In 2005, bringing together members of Congress, interested parties and unions, Hagedorn worked to thwart a Bush administration policy to merge the nation’s coin and currency agencies. Hagedorn’s efforts, performed at great risk of career, helped save taxpayers upwards of $500 million. “I utilized my positions on Capitol Hill and within the Executive Branch to implement conservative solutions and fight the bureaucracy. Over the years I learned a lot about how government functions and dysfunctions. I used my Capitol Hill experience and legislative expertise to pass meaningful government reform legislation and do right by the taxpayers. As I move forward in this race, Southern Minnesotans can trust that I will go to Washington, D.C. and fight for the people and our country – because that’s my record and that’s what I’m all about,” Hagedorn said. Visit the Hagedorn for Congress website at www.jimhagedorn.org