December 18, 2015 | Press Release


Earlier today, Tim Walz voted in favor of HR 2029, a 2,000+ page omnibus spending bill that authorizes over $1,100,000,000,000 ($1.1 trillion) of taxpayer dollars through September, 2016.

“This “compromise” legislation, supported by Congressman Walz, in reality compromises our national security and the safety of the American people,” charged First Congressional GOP candidate Jim Hagedorn. “These mega-spending "compromises" by the DC politicians have driven the national debt to almost $19 trillion - a level that threatens the economy and our American way of life, and now, threatens the safety of the American people as well.”

Among the legislative provisions opposed by Hagedorn was the failure to limit the type of visas used by terrorists from jihadi countries to enter the U.S., the exclusion of funding to complete a 700 mile security fence along our southern border, the continued funding of President Obama’s Syrian and Middle Eastern refugee program, and continued access of these refugees to tax-payer funded welfare and human service programs.

“There was no shortage of provisions which should have prompted a “No” vote from Congressman Walz,” said Hagedorn. “Everything from providing 700,000 illegal aliens access to taxpayer-funded programs to allowing federal grants to flow to Sanctuary Cities to forcing pro-life taxpayers to fund Planned Parenthood to forcing the farmers of southern Minnesota to fund onerous “Waters of the USA” EPA regulations on their own farms was in this bill.”

“Moving forward I support bold free enterprise solutions to foster economic growth and the creation of high-wage jobs. That's why I stand for reform of the federal regulatory process, an overhaul of the tax system, top-to-bottom reorganization of all federal agencies, zero-based budgeting, welfare reform, and repeal and replacement of Obamacare.”

“On national security, my call for a moratorium on refugee and asylum programs, based upon our Minnesota experience as a huge conduit of Islamic jihadists, has gained bipartisan support. As a member of Congress, I will work to enact common sense border security improvements that put the safety and well-being of the residents of the 1st District above the wishes of establishment Washington insiders.”