July 29, 2015 | Press Release


For the second time in two weeks, Tim Walz has once again sided with Washington union bosses and against military veterans with his opposition to H.R. 1994, the VA Accountability Act of 2015.

The act, designed to streamline Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disciplinary rules to remove or demote federal bureaucrats for incompetence or misconduct and protect whistleblowers, passed the House today by a vote of 256 to 170.

“Time and time again, Tim Walz has shown that his support for veterans abruptly ends at the point Democrat – and union -- politics begins,” Hagedorn said. “For 10 years Tim Walz has served on the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and has staked his congressional career on fixing the VA.  But the VA remains a dysfunctional mess and far too often veterans are denied timely, quality medical care and typically wait 6 months or more to receive basic benefits.”

“To be frank, veterans are worse off today than when Tim Walz was first elected to Congress in 2006,” Hagedorn stated.

Hagedorn said veterans deserve national leaders who will fight the DC interest groups to ensure they receive the same quality of private health insurance and medical care enjoyed by Tim Walz and the rest of Congress.

“My bold proposal is to empower veterans to choose their own doctors and receive timely and quality medical care.  Those who have served our country deserve the best medical care available from the country they so ably served,” said Hagedorn.

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To view a previous Hagedorn campaign release on this issue see: http://www.jimhagedorn.org/walz_deserts_veterans_to_save_va_bureaucrats