March 4, 2017 | Press Release


Blue Earth, MN – Jim Hagedorn, Republican candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s First District, issued the following statement concerning the Worthington, Minnesota, Town Hall meeting conducted by Congressman Tim Walz this afternoon.

Hagedorn, who carried 13 of the First District’s 21 counties and surged to within 2,600 votes (0.76%) of defeating Walz in 2016, is a candidate for Congress in 2018. Statement follows:

During the 2016 campaign, I criticized Congressman Walz for failing to conduct open-ended Town Hall meetings across southern Minnesota. Perhaps it was our close election result, but Walz seems to have changed his campaign behavior.

Unfortunately, it appears today’s event is the first true Town Hall meeting conducted by Walz west of Mankato during his 10 years in Congress. From the Minnesota-South Dakota border and moving eastward, that’s a distance of 125 miles, an area encompassing nine counties (Rock, Nobles, Jackson, Cottonwood, Brown, Watonwan, Martin, Faribault and Nicollet).

Unlike Walz, I am committed to staying connected with the people of southern Minnesota. That’s why I pledge to hold at least one Town Hall meeting in each of the First District’s 21 counties during each term I serve in Congress.

But what has not changed, based upon the Congressman’s Town Hall responses today and last week in Rochester, are Walz’s longstanding liberal positions promoting open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, relentless refugee resettlement, massive deficit spending, Obamacare, extreme federal regulations, anti-U.S. energy global warming taxes and abortion on demand.

The election of President Donald Trump, combined with Republican control of the U.S. House and Senate, has changed the Washington, D.C. landscape, but the core issues and challenges facing America are the same as we addressed in 2016.

President Trump and the Republican Congress are working to move the United States in a new direction, one that is squarely at odds with the Obama policies supported lockstep by Tim Walz.

Congressman Walz is mostly disingenuous when he says he will work to support President Trump. First, Walz has no real power in the Republican-controlled House to stop or pass legislation. Second, with rare exception, Walz only supports the President’s agenda in areas that enjoy overwhelming bipartisan support, such as transportation and Veterans programs.

By contrast, I continue to stand for straight-forward solutions to:

  • secure America’s borders, end sanctuary cities and deport illegal aliens, starting with criminals and visa-overstays from terrorist nations
  • implement extreme vetting and a refugee resettlement timeout to protect our nation and the State of Minnesota from Islamic supremacists
  • reform the federal regulatory process, simplify the tax code, repeal/replace Obamacare, reinstate work-for-welfare and achieve U.S. energy independence to spur economic growth and create high-wage jobs
  • reform and right-size every federal department and agency, starting with the Pentagon
  • empower Veterans to choose their own doctors and hospitals
  • protect of our God-given rights, especially the right to life, the right to keep and bear arms and the right to religious freedom

The razor-thin Hagedorn-Walz 2016 election, and the fact that President Trump carried the First District with 53% of the vote, should have pushed Tim Walz to reevaluate and change his failed liberal positions. Yet, the Congressman has doubled-down. By contrast, my solutions more accurately reflect the views and values held by a majority of southern Minnesotans.”