Walz, Hagedorn Clash In North Mankato

By Ryan Gustafson, KEYC - It's a re-match from 2014. Tim Walz won that contest 54%-45%... A nearly 20,000 vote margin.

This time around, Jim Hagedorn is focusing on how long Walz has been in office and Obamacare. Focusing on the rising health care costs many are seeing, and the Congressman's own health plan.

Hagedorn says, "We've done some digging. To the best of our accounts - here's the deal: He and his wife and family make about $200-250,000 a year. They receive a fat 75% subsidy from the U.S. taxpayers for their health insurance. His premiums are roughly $500 a month with a deductible of $350 for himself and $700 for the entire family. That doesn't sound like he's living under Obamacare just like you. It sounds like there's one set of rules for Tim Walz and his family in Obamacare and another for everyone else. That's the stuff we need to end in Washington D.C."
Walz meanwhile wants the attention to be on the thriving local economy and who they've been able to help with the ACA.
Walz says, "The premium is actually a little higher from the ones we had. We'd have a little better coverage with the negotiated price when I was teaching at Mankato West high school. But what you're hearing is from someone who has spent his entire career in D.C., had that health care insurance, and now makes the case that the rest of the people who were added to it shouldn't be able to get health care insurance. I do not make any apology for adding millions of people to health care. I don't make any apology for getting rid of pre-existing conditions and life-time caps. I do not make any apologis for the first time we've seen in a long time, making insurance companies more accountable to how they go about spending and investing their money."

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