U.S. Supreme Court Affirms Trump-Hagedorn Extreme Vetting Policy

Today the Supreme Court of the United States issued a decision affirming the constitutionality of President Trump’s policy of extreme vetting and a refugee program timeout from Islamic terrorist and other nations that pose a threat to America. Click here to view AP article.

As a congressional candidate who proposed the policies of extreme vetting and a refugee program timeout even before then-Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump spoke out on the issue of Islamic supremacy (see my 2015 Star-Tribune column here), I am pleased with the Court’s ruling.

The United States and the State of Minnesota have assimilation, terrorism and welfare problems associated with those who migrate from countries that hate America.

Our left-wing Democrat opponent, Dan Feehan, thinks the Trump-Hagedorn policy of extreme vetting and a pause on refugee transfers somehow makes us less safe and is a “Muslim Ban.”

Meanwhile, our Republican Primary competitor, moderate Carla Nelson, sponsored legislation in the Minnesota State Senate to give $18 million of your tax dollars directly to the Somali community.

Carla’s welfare proposal is ridiculous and reckless, especially given Minnesota’s massive and unfolding daycare fraud scandal that has enabled criminals to launder and distribute perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars to Islamic terrorist-controlled regions of Somalia.

My views and solutions differ starkly from both Feehan and Nelson on this and many other key issues.

I understand that the first responsibility of the federal government and any Member of Congress is to defend the United States and protect the American people.

I’m running for Congress to partner with President Trump and like-minded colleagues to make bold conservative change. I will work and vote to Keep America Safe by securing America’s borders, reinstating Peace Through Strength and defending the United States from Islamic supremacists.