Trump, Hagedorn right on vets care

By Kyle Pirron of Mankato, Mankato Free Press - I am excited that Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump has proposed that America’s veterans be given the right to choose their own doctors and hospitals and receive medical care from either VA or private clinics.

Trump’s policy is identical to First District GOP congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn’s plan to give veterans complete medical care choice to ensure that our retired military heroes receive timely, quality medical care.

President Obama and our current Democratic congressman, Tim Walz, have promised results and VA improvements for many, many years. Yet, veterans are worse off today than when Obama and Walz were elected to office eight and 10 years ago, respectively.

Veterans are, in fact, dying at the hands of the U.S. government, with more than 500,000 VA patients waiting more than 30 days for medical care at any moment.

Clearly, Trump and Hagedorn are willing to embrace bold solutions to take power from the federal politicians, bureaucrats and interest groups and help our Veterans. Trump and Hagedorn are demonstrating the desire to fight the status quo and defeat the corrupt and incompetent ways of Washington, D.C. Both men deserve our support.

Kyle Pirron