Time to Take Care of Our Veterans

By Joe Steck, Letter to the Editor (Mankato Times) - Washington politician Tim Walz has built his political career by using his National Guard service to help claim he is a veterans advocate. During his decade in Washington he has continually told us that he is a key player in the provision of VA hospitals and services.

During this same time period we have seen scandal after scandal in the VA, and veterans literally dying in waiting lines. Walz shocking response has been to advocate for the importation of hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees-who will receive better medical care than our own vets-and drain critical resources from our own VA system.


This is pathetic. Walz is abusing our own vets to advance his Washington political agenda. He actively opposes vets getting the same quality of care that he does. He does not even live under the same ObamaCare that he has forced on everybody else. Tim Walz is a perfect example of why long time politicians are like diapers-they need changing. Vote change-vote Jim Hagedorn.


Noel D. Collis MD, Collis C-store, Lake Crystal, Minn.