Regulations on businesses puts constraints on profits, owners

April 28, 2016 - Faribault Daily News -

To the editor:

It was a great honor to welcome Jim Hagedorn, the congressional candidate from the 1st District, to Faribault three times in a month. Jim Hagedorn has come to town twice to address and meet with voters in the Faribault area as well as meeting with delegates for Rice County at our convention.

Conducting at town hall, Jim Hagedorn talked with voters about issues important to the residents of the first district. The disaster the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare," has unleashed on small business owners sending their premiums and deductibles ever higher, raising the out of pocket expense to individuals by as much as $5,000 to $15,000 more per year. Begging the question, if you couldn’t afford to be without insurance it now seems that you can’t afford to have insurance and get sick. You can have insurance with high premiums and high deductibles just don’t get sick because you will be stuck with a high bill.

Ever growing regulations put upon businesses large and small is cutting into company profits, making it harder for larger companies to afford to pay good people the wages they deserve while driving small businesses out existence. We need to get back to doing things that make this area and our country work again.

Let’s have small business do what it does best and focus on the needs and wants of its customers, instead of the daily focus of the needs, wants and desires of an ever growing federal, state and local government.

Otto Luknic