August 18, 2015 | Press Release

- Southern Minnesotans Still Can’t Find “Walz(do)” -

Republican candidate Jim Hagedorn reiterated his call for DFL incumbent Tim Walz to hold a series of town hall meetings to hear firsthand the concerns of First District voters.

“Twenty days into Congress’ 40-day August recess and Tim Walz has spent exactly zero days in the First District publicly fielding questions on the key issues and listening to the concerns of average constituents. Southern Minnesotans still can’t find Walz(do),” said Hagedorn.

Hagedorn dismissed a recent comment made by Walz’s Washington, D.C. spokesperson to the Rochester Post-Bulletin.  In an August 11, 2015, article reporting on Hagedorn’s original call for Walz to hold town hall meetings, the Walz campaign was quoted saying, “Congressman Walz is constantly out in the community meeting with constituents and taking their ideas back to Washington.”

“I travel the First District and shake hands and gain the views of hundreds of southern Minnesotans every week,” said Hagedorn.  “The notion that Tim Walz is out meeting average people is a joke and the type of deception to be expected from a DC politician. My opponent is nowhere to be found in the 21 counties of this district,” Hagedorn said.

As for Walz taking ideas back to Washington, Hagedorn was equally skeptical.  “The folks I speak with on Main Street, at parades and county fairs are appalled that Tim Walz is going to vote for Obama’s weak Iran agreement. They are shocked Walz took $30,000 from the butchers of Planned Parenthood and refuses to return the money.  The people are mad as hell that Obama and Walz have turned America into a sanctuary country for the illegal aliens who roam our streets and commit murder and Islamic terrorism.  First District residents are disgusted with elitist politicians like Walz who cut special “Cadillac” deals to avoid the pains of Obamacare, while sticking the citizenry with skyrocketing health care premiums and deductibles.  And farmers I talk with are increasingly worried that Walz’s favorite agency, the EPA, is setting the stage for a war on agriculture that will devastate the value of our farms and destroy our rural way of life,” said Hagedorn.

“We are halfway through the August congressional recess and the difference between Waldo and Walz(do) remains the same.  It’s actually possible for southern Minnesotans to find Waldo,” Hagedorn joked.

“Either Tim Walz is afraid to hold town hall meetings and address the concerns of the hard-working men and women who pay his lucrative salary or he has no interest in staying connected with his constituents.  Tim’s loss is my gain.  I genuinely enjoy meeting fellow southern Minnesotans, listening to their concerns and sharing my positive conservative solutions to restore the greatness of America” Hagedorn stated.

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Rochester Post-Bulletin story “Hagedorn urges Walz to hold town halls” published August 11, 2015 - http://www.postbulletin.com/news/politics/hagedorn-urges-walz-to-hold-town-halls/article_51ec64e5-7dbd-5299-85fd-6b041f745040.html

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