August 8, 2016 | Press Release


Mankato, MN – Republican First District congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn issued the following statement concerning the August 9th Republican Primary Election. Hagedorn followed the election night returns from the Blue Earth County Republican Party’s office in Mankato.

Minnesota’s polls have closed and several news organizations have declared me the winner in Minnesota’s First Congressional District Primary Election.

First, I commend my Republican competitor, Steve Williams, for stepping up and running for public office. I wish Mr. Williams and his family all the best.

Second, and most importantly, thanks to the voters of Minnesota’s First District for your support and confidence.

I would also like to acknowledge the endorsement and support our campaign received from Republican activists and volunteers. Because of the backing from the Republican Party of Minnesota and Minnesota’s First District Republican Party, our Party is both unified and energized moving into the General Election contest against incumbent Democrat Tim Walz.

Tonight is another milestone in our cause to win back the First Congressional District and begin the process of restoring America’s greatness. I am the first back-to-back Republican challenger to be on the ballot against Walz. Running in consecutive elections is a huge advantage for a challenger, especially for purposes of building organization and name identification in a large congressional district of 21 counties [like MN-1].

Over the next 13 weeks I will continue to address the key issues of this race and clearly contrast my commonsense forward-looking solutions with my opponent’s failed record and lack of ideas.

If humanly possible, our team will also step up our retail Main Street campaign schedule. I will continue to walk every parade, attend every county fair, shake every possible hand in every city to personally connect with Southern Minnesotans and win their general election support.

The vast majority of the voters I meet on the campaign trail believe our nation is rapidly moving in the wrong direction. They are ready for bold solutions and true change. They are also beginning to focus on how Tim Walz, who has been in Congress for 10 years, is part of the problem.

Walz voted for the key Obama policies that have transformed the United States and moved our nation far to the left. The Obama-Walz record includes the explosion of Islamic terrorism, amnesty and open borders, a stagnate U.S. and agriculture economy with stagnate wages and much higher costs of living, extremist EPA and other federal regulations, record federal debt, abuse of Veterans, ObamaCare, societal unrest and radical social policies like abortion in the 7th, 8th and 9th month of pregnancy.

Voters are ready to reconnect with the principles that made our country great in the first place – Peace through Strength, free enterprise capitalism, limited government, the rule of law and protection of our God-given rights.

I stand for the bold border security and immigration solutions needed to defend our nation and protect U.S. citizens from illegal immigration and Islamic supremacists.

I stand for reforms to transform the federal government (regulatory, tax, welfare and budget reforms and U.S. energy independence) and grow our economy, create high-wage jobs and place downward pressure on the cost of living.

I stand with Veterans by supporting VA bureaucrat accountability and empowering all Veterans to choose their own doctors and hospitals.

And I stand as a rock solid defender of our God-given rights, including the right to keep and bear arms, the right to life and the right to religious freedom.

At this critical point in our country’s history we must elect national leaders willing to challenge and defeat the status quo in Washington, D.C. If elected, I will fight to take power from the national politicians, bureaucrats and interest groups and send authority back to the States and the American people.”

# # #