October 2, 2017 | Press Release


Blue Earth, Minnesota – Jim Hagedorn, Republican candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s First District, released the following statement concerning State Senator Carla Nelson’s candidacy for Congress.

“The Hagedorn campaign surged to the brink of victory in 2016, ending up just 4/10ths of one percent from defeating entrenched incumbent Democrat Tim Walz who outspent us by more than 4-1. Our strong showing helped push Walz out of this race and make MN-1 an “open seat” and the best takeover opportunity for House Republicans in the country.

It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to personally connect with voters in a large 21-county district like Minnesota’s First. Since Tim Walz left this race six months ago, and for two election cycles prior, our campaign has plowed a lot of political ground, planted much seed and we are starting to enjoy a bountiful harvest. Our campaign is strongly positioned to achieve victory in 2018 because:

The Hagedorn campaign is unifying the Republican Party. Prominent national, state and districtwide GOP officials and activists have formally endorsed my candidacy for Congress. The list includes: Congressman Tom Emmer (Deputy Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee); former U.S. Senator Rudy Boschwitz; former Minnesota Congressmen Gil Gutknecht and John Kline; State Senators Julie Rosen, Bill Weber and Rich Draheim; State Representatives Bob Gunther, Tony Cornish and Bob Vogel; and, 15 First District Republican chairs and deputy chairs from 12 counties.

The Hagedorn campaign continues to connect with voters. During this year, alone, we marched in 50 parades, campaigned at all 21 county fairs and the State Fair and made hundreds of Main Street stops across southern Minnesota.

The Hagedorn campaign has successfully raised critical early money. In fact, the Friends of Hagedorn Committee raised $300,000 in the first half of 2017, more than any other non-incumbent Republican U.S. House candidate in the nation.

Hagedorn stands for bold solutions to move America in a new direction. I’m running to be a conservative reinforcement in the Republican-led U.S. House, to partner with President Trump and enact the bold solutions needed to Keep America Safe; Make America Prosperous; Protect our God-given Rights; and, Sustain Agriculture and our Rural Southern Minnesota Way of Life. My platform accurately reflects the views and values of southern Minnesotans.

Because of our wonderful supporters, contributors and staff, our campaign is well-positioned to win the First District Republican Party’s endorsement, the GOP Primary Election and the General Election. But we take nothing for granted – we will remain focused and I will continue to work harder than any congressional candidate in the nation. I am confident that intra-party competition will serve to strengthen the Hagedorn campaign and help us win in 2018.”

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