September 11, 2015 | Press Release

- “Walz vote for Obama’s Iran plan reveals incumbent’s partisan nature and naiveté” -

Blue Earth, MN – Republican First District congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn released the following statement concerning incumbent Democrat Tim Walz’s vote for President Obama’s nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran:

Today the House of Representatives voted 162-to-269 to reject the nuclear agreement negotiated by the Obama administration with terrorist Iran.  Twenty-five Democrats, including rural Minnesota Representative Collin Peterson, joined Republicans to voice opposition to the agreement.

Were I a member of the current Congress, I would have voted “nay.”  The Iran deal is weak and dangerous because it: 1) creates a pathway for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon and long-range ballistic missiles; 2) enhances Iran’s status as the military and ideological power-broker of the Middle East; 3) leads to the removal of international sanctions and delivers up to $150 billion in immediate terrorism and war-making capital to the regime; 4) fails to secure the release of Americans held captive by Iran.

When the Iran pact was announced by the White House in mid-July, my opponent promised to review the agreement “vigorously.”  But in actuality, Congressman Walz quickly decided to support President Obama and ended up voting for a deal and/or side agreements he has never even read.

About one month later, in a Mankato Free Press article published August 16, 2015, Walz defended his support for the Iran agreement by quoting Ronald Reagan’s motto of “Trust but Verify,” thus assuring that Iran’s compliance would be closely monitored.  Subsequently, reports surfaced that a side agreement negotiated between the United Nation’s International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran entrusts Iran to self-verify critical nuclear inspection sites.  Apparently, this embarrassing and critical disclosure did not dissuade Walz from voting with President Obama.

Today’s endorsement of the deeply flawed Iran deal represents the exclamation point in a series of foreign policy failures on which Tim Walz has obediently backed President Obama.  These failures have led to the rise of radical Islamic terrorist groups like ISIS, the mass slaughter of Christians, the wholesale migration of Islamic refugees and the undermining of U.S. allies in the region, particularly Israel, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan.

Tim Walz’s lockstep support for President Obama’s incompetent and failed Middle East policies reveal the Democrat incumbent’s partisan nature and naïve failure to grasp the grave threat posed by radical Islam.

I believe the United States must reinstate President Reagan’s military and foreign policy of “Peace through Strength.”  This means electing leaders who will rebuild our nation’s defenses, project overwhelming strength to deal with adversaries, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with U.S. allies and steadfastly protect the American people from Islamic terrorists and all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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