June 24, 2016 | Press Release

- Hagedorn defends 2nd Amendment and due process rights of law abiding Americans -

Blue Earth, MN – In light of the Democrat Party’s “sit-in” protest on the floor of U.S. House of Representatives, endorsed Republican First District congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn reiterated his strong support for the 2nd Amendment and the due process rights of law-abiding citizens to purchase and possess firearms.

“The Orlando massacre was perpetrated by a radical Islamic supremacist who abhorred western culture, non-Muslims and our American way of life,” said Hagedorn. “The Orlando murders further exposed an Islamic ideology problem in our society that must be addressed.”

“The call for new gun control laws by President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party is nothing but a political smokescreen to mask their failure to defend our nation from Islamic terrorism and their politically correct refusal to identify radical Islamic supremacists as our enemy,” he said.

Hagedorn said efforts by the Obama administration to bypass the due process rights of citizens and deny firearms ownership to Americans on certain government lists, especially senior citizens and Veterans, is “an unconstitutional and un-American federal power grab.”

“I strongly support the due process rights of all Americans,” said Hagedorn. “We cannot enable the federal government to place citizens on secret lists and deny our inalienable rights without proper judicial recourse,” he said.

During a June 15, 2016, Mankato press conference Hagedorn was asked his opinion of legislation to prohibit firearms ownership for people on the federal government’s so called “Terrorist Watchlist.” Click to view Hagedorn’s answer to the KEYC TV reporter. http://www.jimhagedorn.org/hagedorn_addresses_obama_s_terror_watch_list_gun_control_proposal

Hagedorn said he will continue to squarely address all issues, including those related to Islamic terrorism and firearms ownership, during the campaign. “I maintain top ratings

from Gun Owners of America, the NRA and many other pro-2nd Amendment organizations because I support the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms and I address firearms issues straight-forwardly and in a timely fashion,” he said.

Hagedorn encouraged First District reporters to uncover the current incumbent Congressman’s positions on several topical firearms proposals in order to accurately report issue positions to southern Minnesotans.

Hagedorn encouraged the media to ask the following questions:

  • How did you answer question #8 of the NRA’s questionnaire to congressional candidates (required to be returned on June 17, 2016) relating to prohibiting the purchase and possession of firearms by people on the federal government’s “Terrorist Watchlist”? Did you agree or disagree with the NRA’s position on question #8?

  • Have you signed the discharge petition to force a vote on the Democrat’s “Terrorist Watchlist” legislation by the U.S. House of Representatives?

  • Do you intend to vote for or against the Democrat-led bill to deny firearms ownership to people listed on the federal government’s “Terrorist Watchlist”?

  • Do you support or oppose other measures designed to deny firearms ownership, without due process, to Social Security recipients and Veterans who are placed on certain federal government lists related to financial competency, medical treatment, etc.?