November 20, 2013
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Hagedorn: Health Insurance Problems are 'Tip of Obamacare Iceberg'

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“Full implementation will underfund, ration and ‘dumb down’ U.S. medical care”  

First District Republican Congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn of Blue Earth today reaffirmed his passionate opposition to Obamacare and pledged to fight for free-market health care solutions when elected to Congress.  Hagedorn said his position on health care reform provides voters with a clear contrast to incumbent Democratic Congressman Tim Walz who voted for Obamacare and supports the bill’s implementation.

“Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster, said Hagedorn.  “The well-documented bureaucratic bungling and serious implementation problems currently embarrassing the Obama administration and frustrating the American People represent just the ‘Tip of the Obamacare Iceberg,’” Hagedorn stated. 

“As I crisscross the 1st District and talk with people of varied political viewpoints, most southern Minnesotans are concerned that they are being forced to pay dramatically higher health insurance premiums and deductibles; or that their current health insurance policies are being cancelled, outright,” said Hagedorn. 

Hagedorn observed that Obamacare poses a direct threat to centers of medical excellence and those whose livelihoods depend on the success of medical institutions.  “Full implementation of Obamacare will undoubtedly underfund and thereby ration and “dumb down” U.S. medical care,” Hagedorn stated. 

Hagedorn called the idea of saving Obamacare and making it workable - “nonsense.”  “The Obama administration, liberal sympathizers like Tim Walz and even a few misguided Republicans will no doubt implore for Obamacare to be ‘fixed on the fly,’” Hagedorn observed.  

“The Obamacare statute, conforming bills and regulations number in the thousands of pages and millions of words,” said Hagedorn.  “Regulations are still being issued and after almost four years we still do not know the full scope of this legislation.  How do you amend or tinker with all that?” said the candidate.

Hagedorn said the free-market reforms he will fight for in Congress include:   

  • Health insurance competition across state lines to increase choice and drive down costs
  • High-risk pools to protect people with serious illness/pre-existing conditions
  • Extending health insurance tax benefits to individuals to create “portable” benefits that follow from job to job or during times of unemployment
  • Expanded application of Health Savings Accounts to empower consumers to shop for medical care and control costs, “roll-over” and save health care dollars and expand the use of catastrophic insurance policies
  • TORT Reform to curtail defensive medicine and drive down costs associated with frivolous lawsuits 

“So, more than three years after liberal Congressman Tim Walz followed the direct command of Nancy Pelosi to ‘pass the bill (Obamacare) in order to find out what is in the bill,’ the people of southern Minnesota are now figuring out that Tim Walz has literally stuck them with the bill (higher health insurance costs)” said Hagedorn. 

“The unfolding Obamacare ‘sticker shock’ is going to lead to ‘ballot box shock’ for Congressman Walz and his fellow D.C. liberals next November,” Hagedorn concluded.