October 25, 2018 | Press Release
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“NRA-PVF says Hagedorn is committed to protecting the Second-Amendment and right to self-defense; opponent Dan Feehan rated “F"

Blue Earth, Minnesota – Jim Hagedorn, Republican candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s First Congressional District, today announced he has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund, (NRA-PVF) the nation’s largest gun rights organization.

In their release, which gave Hagedorn the highest “AQ” rating a candidate in an open seat can receive, the NRA wrote;

“The NRA Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) has endorsed Jim Hagedorn for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 1st Congressional District of Minnesota. Jim is committed to protecting the Second-Amendment and our right to self-defense!”

The NRA-PVF also cited Hagedorn’s strong Second Amendment positions on the following issues:

  • Supports Right-to-Carry – Supports Concealed Carry Reciprocity legislation, which would ensure that the nearly 20 million law-abiding Americans who can carry a concealed firearm in their home state are able to do so in any other state that does not prohibit it.
  • Supports Veterans’ Second Amendment Rights – Supports legislation that would protect veterans’ Second Amendment rights.
  • Opposes Criminalizing Private Firearm Transfers – Opposes the Pelosi/Schumer/Bloomberg so-called “universal” background check system that would criminalize the private transfer of firearms and which, according to the Obama Justice Department, is only enforceable through federal firearms registration.
  • Supports America’s Hunting Heritage – Supports legislation that would expand opportunities for sportsmen throughout Minnesota and the country.
  • Opposes Semi-Auto Ban – Opposes any legislation that would ban commonly owned semi-automatic firearms used for hunting, recreational shooting and self-defense.

“Our hunting, self-defense, gun ownership and gun collecting traditions are strong in southern Minnesota, and I will never waver in support of these common-sense traditions,” said Hagedorn.

In addition to his “F” rating, Hagedorn noted Feehan’s gun control agenda includes his unabashed public support for Australian-style gun confiscation schemes. “Like so many issues, Dan Feehan’s gun control views are extreme and don’t fit the district - and that makes sense because he’s not from the district,” concluded Hagedorn.

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