Letter: The things Walz gets done are hurting us

By Ryan Brinks, Jackson -

Recently the Daily Globe reported on a rare Worthington campaign stop by Democratic Congressman Tim Walz.

Glaringly absent from the Daily Globe’s story about what Walz gets done in Washington was any reference to his very liberal voting record and the fact that the United States, on many critical issues, is worse off today than when Walz was first elected to Congress 10 years ago.

Take, for example, the national debt. During the 2006 campaign, Walz promised to address the national debt. But instead of voting for lower spending and less debt, Walz voted for massive deficit spending and expensive programs like the recent $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill, Obama’s failed $880 billion stimulus and Obamacare.

During Walz’s decade in DC, the national debt has grown from $8.5 trillion to $19.3 trillion, a more-than-$1-trillion-per-year increase. Incredibly, the national debt is now larger and growing faster than the entire U.S. economy, a brewing disaster that threatens our American way of life.

The Globe reported that Republican Jim Hagedorn is running against Walz in this election. Hagedorn, as you may recall, ran a close 54-46 percent race against Walz in 2014 and came within nine votes of winning Nobles County.

Hagedorn is a fiscal conservative with a national legislative record of reforming a U.S. Treasury agency, reducing the size the federal workforce and cutting excessive spending. Walz has had his chance and made things worse. We should give government reformer Jim Hagedorn the chance to clean up Washington.