Letter: Jim Hagedorn will provide our veterans with more timely health care options

By Michael Black, Rochester - Tim Walz's 2009 statement, in which he praised the VA as "well-run government health care" is indicative of his contempt for veterans.

While pushing Obamacare to southern Minnesotans, Walz offered the VA as a shining example of how the federal government does health care right. The example was apparently spot on, both systems have failed.

So, what has happened to the VA these past seven years? Walz has been working hand in glove with President Obama's Department of Veterans Affairs, which has failed it's mission terribly. During the Obama and Walz years, the VA has been plagued with scandal after scandal.

On any given day more than 500,000 veterans are waiting more than 30 days for medical care appointments, and veterans have literally died due to VA and federal government neglect and incompetence.

Jim Hagedorn has proposed two bold solutions to help veterans receive timely quality medical care.

First, Hagedorn supports the VA Accountability Act, designed to fire and demote employees for misconduct and abuse of veterans. Walz voted against the act.

Second, Hagedorn supports legislation to empower veterans to choose their own doctors and hospitals, either from the VA system or private sector. Veterans have earned the best quality, timely medical care.

If we elect Jim Hagedorn to Congress in Minnesota's First District at least our veterans will be treated with respect.

Michael Black