Letter: Hagedorn will take right approach to deal with terrorism

By Leonard Griffith of Stewartville, PostBulletin.com - I like the way Republican congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn is squarely addressing the issue of Islamic terrorism.

During recent press conferences in Rochester and Mankato, Hagedorn declared that "the United States is at war with Islamic supremacists who adhere to the ideology of radical Islam."

Hagedorn accurately observed that Minnesota has an Islamic terrorist recruiting problem from existing East African refugees. In response to this problem, Hagedorn has proposed for the United States to take a refugee program timeout until our government can figure out what is going on.

Lastly, Hagedorn said he also supports securing America's borders, implementing a biometric passport and visa system, deporting people who have overstayed temporary U.S. visas, creating safe zones for refugees and keeping open the Guantanamo Bay Prison.

Jim Hagedorn is offering the type of truthful, straight-forward leadership we need in Congress.

Leonard Griffith