Letter: Hagedorn represents much-needed change on many levels

By Fred Lenz, St. James - The upcoming presidential election on Nov. 8 will have the most lasting effect on the direction our country will go for decades.

We are living in a time when our current administration is evermore taking away our rights through executive orders and imposing its will upon the people.

Our current congressman, Tim Walz, is in lockstep with the Obama administration and, by extension, Hillary Clinton.

He has fully endorsed the ACA, commonly known as Obamacare. Jim Hagedorn will vote to repeal the ACA and replace it with a system that will give competition between insurance companies across state lines. We will also see health savings accounts. We had a health pool long before Obamacare, and it worked quite well. Today’s premiums have increased from 50 percent to almost 100 percent. In my family, one premium went from $1,800 a month with a $6,000 deductible to $3,500 with the same deductible and more restricted coverage. This is a system that is so bad that the cost is more than many people can earn in an entire year in southern Minnesota. Who can afford this monstrosity?

Walz supports the Clean Water Act, which gives the EPA the ability to makes its own rules as it goes along, thereby hampering agriculture and farming operations throughout the country. Hagedorn supports the REINS Act, which would give Congress the right to affirm or deny regulations put forth by the EPA. The WOTUS Act gives the EPA literally control of every drop of water that falls on agriculture. This is very excessive!

Walz approves abortion in the seventh, eighth and ninth month when we know that the fetus is a viable living human being. He has voted against a bill that would require prompt medical attention to babies that survive abortion. Jim Hagedorn is 100 percent pro life and is endorsed by MCCL. He will protect life, period.

Since Roe vs. Wade went into effect, we have had a number of abortions that equal the population of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan. Think about it.

Walz has supported the Iran Nuclear Arms Agreement, which in 10 years lets Iran develop nuclear arms with no restrictions. Time means nothing to them and poses a more dangerous situation for the next generation. This has been described as one of the worse decisions that this administration has made.

In these times, it is not what government tells you what they have done for us, it is what they have done to us! Thomas Jefferson has been quoted as saying, “A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.” We are literally owned by the government.

It is time for a change. Jim Hagedorn represents that change. I urge you, the citizen, to vote for Hagedorn for 1st District Congressman.