How to Break a Blue Wave

Munson & Hagedorn

Earlier this week we saw the Republican rebuttal to the Democrat Party's claim of a blue wave. My good friend Jeremy Munson worked extremely hard and decisively won the special election in Minnesota House District 23B this Monday. This is proof that the electorate is still yearning for candidates with a strong message of conservative principles to represent them.

With the Democrats hanging on to their only message of "resisting" President Trump, the Republican Party is offering a path forward from the Obama era policies that were taking freedom from Americans. Based upon my campaign stops and discussions with voters across the First District, it is clear southern Minnesotans are pleased that our nation is moving in a new direction. People are seeing positive changes like an increase in take home pay, a strong backing of our police and military, enhanced border security, and a booming economy.

I am running for Congress to partner with the President and help give more freedom back to the American People. I was proud to support and endorse my friend Jeremy and look forward to following the work of Representative Munson in St. Paul.

Thank you for your steadfast support. With your help we will continue to make sure the so-called blue wave falls flat in southern Minnesota. 

- Jim