Hold politicians accountable for broken promises

By Otto Luknic, Faribault - To the editor:

Before Obamacare passed, Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that we had to pass it in order to "see what was in it."

And while no one, including Congressman Tim Walz, had any idea what was actually in the 2,400 plus pages, Walz dutifully followed the orders of Pelosi and voted for it anyway without reading it.

Walz promised us that under the "Affordable Care Act," families would save $2,500 a year in health insurance premiums.

Well, premium increases for 2016 were just released and show 15 percent to 49 percent increases in premiums with skyrocketing deductibles.

Premiums haven't decreased; they have increased by thousands of dollars. Not exactly "affordable" and certainly not what was promised.

It's time to hold politicians accountable for their broken promises and I can think of no better way to do that than to retire Tim Walz next November.

Otto Luknic