Hold democrats accountable for unaffordable health insurance

By David Anderson, Letter to the Editor (Lonsdale News Review) - If we want to hold the Minnesota Democrats accountable for the un-Affordable Care Act (ACA) and MNsure we must vote them out in November. Congressman Tim Walz (D) from Minnesota CD1 is directly responsible for the debacle called Obamacare or as it was misnamed, The Affordable Care Act (ACA). He voted for it and after the vote, Walz was seen fist pumping in the House of Representatives chambers in a show of absolute triumph in victory.

As your premiums, co-pays, co-insurance skyrocket, remember Walz's vote as it also came with the promise that: (1) you could keep your doctor; (2) your insurance and (3) you would see a $2,500 reduction in premiums. With premium increases up to 40 percent last year and projections of 50 percent - 67 percent this year, options all but eliminated, most can’t choose their own doctor, can’t even choose your own hometown insurance agent on top of many losing insurance again.

Why? Because local Democrats, Sen. Kevin Dahle and Rep. David Bly voted for MNsure. Every Democrat in control of the Legislature in 2013 voted for MNsure. Hundreds of millions for a website and reductions to access to help and health plans thanks to them.

Minnesota, just a few years ago had close to the best healthcare system in the world. Our uninsured had options to get insurance through a high-risk pool and most that didn’t have insurance through their employer, could find affordable insurance that fit their needs on the open market. That is no longer the case.

Gov. Dayton recently said Obamacare is no longer affordable, and knew in 2013 there were major issues with MNSure. The Democrats just didn’t care. On Nov. 8, it is time for you, your neighbors and friends to hold them accountable. It is time to vote Dahle, Bly and Walz out of office.

David Anderson