Hagedorn Would Seek 'Time-Out' For Refugee Program

By Shawn Loging, KEYC - MANKATO, Minn. - Republican Candidate for Minnesota First District House Jim Hagedorn lays out what he would do if elected to combat Islamic terrorist organizations.

Hagedorn says he would like to impose a 'time-out' on accepting all new refugees.

The proposal comes after this past weekend's Orlando nightclub shooting, where the shooter allegedly pledged loyalty to ISIS.

Hagedorn says a 'time-out' would give time to fix problems he sees with the immigration system's screening process.

Hagedorn said, "My policy is forward looking. I think we need to minimize the number of people who come into our country with radical attitudes. Particularly at this point when our refugee policies and procedures clearly haven't worked because in Minnesota, we have a major terrorist recruiting problem from existing refugees."

He also proposes revoking the citizenship for anyone who collaborates with ISIS.

Hagedorn says he would like to take action to secure America's borders and make changes to the visa and passport system by adding biometrics.