Hagedorn Weekly Reports #29 & 30



The past two campaign weeks have been excellent. From meeting with business leaders in Winona to attending the Dodge County GOP Christmas Party to holding grassroots fundraisers in Fairmont and Worthington to Main Street Campaigning in Mankato and Rochester, we are working hard and methodically building the organization needed to finish the job and defeat Walz in 2016.

On December 5th I attended the MNGOP State Central Committee meeting in Monticello.  My speech to statewide delegates was well received (see above photo).

I outlined my vision of implementing big bold solutions to reconnect our nation with what works – a Reagan military and foreign policy of Peace through Strength and policies based upon the principles of limited government, free enterprise and the rule of law.  I also fired up the crowd by connecting Tim Walz to the reckless and weak Obama-Clinton policies that have led to the global uprising of radical Islamic jihadists and left the United States and American people vulnerable to attack.

San Bern Terrorists


This week our campaign released Part Two of my multi-video plan to deter and defeat followers of radical Islam. In this video I outline my policy of securing America’s borders and fixing the broken U.S. Visa System. I also contrast my strong national security views with Tim Walz’s liberal votes for open borders and amnesty.

Rather pathetically, during his decade in DC, Tim Walz has been tougher on the Tea Party than the terrorists. And, rather than focusing attention on the dangers posed by followers of radical Islam, Walz has used his office to warn of the dire threat posed by “climate change.”

Below are the initial planks of my anti-Islamic terrorism platform. Over the next week I will release additional videos outlining my military policy, foreign policy and border security/immigration solutions to deter and defeat the threat of Islamic-based terrorism.

Hagedorn anti-Terrorism Plan; Part One: Identifying the enemy.

Hagedorn anti-Terrorism Plan; Part Two: Secure America’s borders and fix the broken U.S. Visa System

Hagedorn Commentary, Terror recruits show we need a refugee timeout, published in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, September 23, 2015. 

Worthington Event


Our grassroots fundraisers held in Martin and Nobles Counties went well. Thanks to supporters for attending and helping our campaign build the war chest needed to deliver our winning conservative message.

Thanks to State Representative Bob Gunther, wife Nancy and Neal and Juleen Breitbarth for all their work to make our Fairmont fundraiser at the Interlaken Golf Club a success. 

And thanks to State Senator Bill Weber and Marv and Jeanine Spomer for hosting the Worthington event at Spomer’s Classics and Museum. As you can see from the above picture the Spomer museum contains beautiful antique automobiles and hundreds of vintage gas/oil/automotive neon and porcelain signs. For more visit www.spomerclassics.com.

Our next grassroots fundraisers will be held in January. Details will be published in upcoming Weekly Reports. If you would like to hold a fundraiser or meet-and-greet, please reply to this email. Thanks!

The next FEC reporting deadline is December 31, so please make a contribution and help us build strong financial momentum. To send contributions electronically click here. To contribute by check, please make checks out to Friends of Hagedorn and mail to: Friends of Hagedorn; 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001. Thank you!


Obama-Walz policy of closing Guantanamo Bay proven wrong again:

In this Facebook post I highlight the recklessness of the Obama-Walz policy of closing the Guantanamo Bay prison and relocating al Qaeda terrorists into the United States or releasing them to reconnect with radical Islamic syndicates overseas.

Tenth Minnesota Muslim refugee/immigrant arrested for supporting ISIS:

In September I called for a refugee program “timeout” because Minnesota already has an Islamic terrorist recruiting problem from existing East African refugees and immigrants. The arrest of a 10th ISIS sympathizer from Minnesota supports my policy (see news article). 

My opponent supports Obama’s plan to continue flooding the U.S. with hundreds of thousands of refugees and immigrants from predominantly Muslim nations that hate America. My policy is for a much needed timeout.

Obama-Walz-Dayton and the rest of the Democrats need to answer this question: If refugees and immigrants from nations that hate America will try and support ISIS and/or travel half-way around the world to engage in Islamic jihad, why won’t they wage war on American soil, particularly in Minnesota? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what we can expect down the road.

President Obama’s answer to everything – Gun Control:

In this Facebook post I openly reject President Obama’s call for gun control.


This week I am scheduled to attend the MNGOP Elephant Club Christmas Party honoring U.S. Representative John Kline, enjoy the Olmsted County GOP Christmas Party in Rochester, and celebrate Christmas with Brown County Republicans in New Ulm.

Thanks for reading!

Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First District