Hagedorn Weekly Report #9

Jim at Blue Earth's Giant Days Parade

MAIN STREET CAMPAIGNING – We are working hard and full-time to meet First District voters and continue our 2014 momentum to finish the job and defeat liberal Tim Walz in 2016.

This past week we shook hands with residents and/or walked in several parades, including North Mankato’s Fun Days and Blue Earth’s Giant Days celebrations (see picture with Blue Earth hometown supporters along with my good friend State Rep. Bob Gunther).  

I also visited the Winona County Fair in St. Charles, attended the First District Republican meeting in Albert Lea, met with Le Sueur County Republicans and joined Nicollet and Blue Earth County Republicans for a GOP fundraiser at a Mankato MoonDogs amateur collegiate baseball game.

FUNDRAISING – Thanks to our generous supporters the Friends of Hagedorn campaign committee was able to raise over $51,000 during the (April 1-June 30) FEC quarterly reporting period.  Our campaign has $35,000 cash-on-hand.  Keep in mind that I announced on May 12th, so we actively raised funds for only 50 of the reporting period’s 92 days

One of the reasons I entered the race a full 18 months before the election was to get an earlier start on fundraising.  Please help our campaign build the substantial war chest needed to deliver our winning conservative message and reclaim this seat for the Republican Party.


Iran Nuclear Deal: I issued a press statement concerning President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran.  In my view the deal should be rejected by Congress because it weakens U.S. security and sets back the noble causes of world peace and freedom.  Going forward, I believe U.S. foreign policy should pressure Iran’s Islamic dictatorship and support the freedom-seeking people of Iran.

Meanwhile, Tim Walz and his taxpayer provided press secretary issued an official statement praising President Obama and his Administration for all their good work on the nuclear agreement.  In a related matter, Walz completely failed to take a position on the Iran deal.  Undoubtedly, when Congress considers the pact Walz will vote with Obama, as usual.

Illegal Immigration and Sanctuary Cities: I condemned Tim Walz on Facebook and Twitter for his irresponsible liberal support of amnesty, open borders and sanctuary city policies that have left U.S. citizens vulnerable to murder, rape, assault and Islamic terrorism.  Unlike Walz, I will fight to secure America’s borders and demand that existing U.S. immigration laws be enforced.

Remember, in 2006 Tim feigned conservative and pretended to oppose amnesty and support border security (see 2006 Walz campaign commercial).  Once elected to Congress, Walz sprinted to the left.  Walz has misrepresented his constituents by voting for Obama’s illegal executive amnesty and supporting the President’s open borders agenda.

Bernie Sanders:  Lastly, we used the Bernie Sanders campaign visit to Rochester to highlight Tim Walz’s solidarity with Bernie’s socialist issue positions (Click here for Facebook post).


Rochester Post-Bulletin: My statement expressing support for measures to defend religious institutions in wake of the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling caught the attention of Post-Bulletin reporter Heather Carlson (see story here). 

Ms. Carlson’s straight-forward report includes an opinion by a constitutional scholar who rejects my idea to augment the First Amendment and proactively take measures to protect our freedom of religion.  I would argue that radical Democrats and other leftists are already using the same-sex decision to attack pastors and churches and strip religious institutions of tax-exempt status. 

I remain committed to taking every conceivable action to protect our right to worship without government coercion or retribution.

Worthington Daily Globe: Thanks to the Daily Globe for publishing my letter-to-the-editor outlining six important issues on which Tim Walz is misrepresenting First District residents by taking far-left positions and voting liberal.

THIS WEEK – I will be attending parades, visiting county fairs, raising money and challenging Tim Walz on the issues.

Best wishes,

Jim Hagedorn