Hagedorn Weekly Report #8

Founding Fathers - Signing of Declaration of Independence

INDEPENDENCE DAY – While making the 100-mile drive from Blue Earth to our first campaign event in Rice County Saturday morning - I thought rather intently about the raw courage of our country’s Forefathers on that first July 4th, 239 years prior – how simply signing the Declaration of Independence made them mortal enemies of the most powerful king and military on earth.

Those brave pathfinders of freedom and liberty risked everything – their lives, family and all possessions – to live free of tyranny and form what would become the world’s most prosperous and powerful nation.

Those thoughts led me the current state of our nation and how, sadly, most political leaders are unwilling to take even nominal risks to defend the United States and our American way of life. Think about it, members of congress balk at casting critical votes or standing up to President Obama and the DC establishment for fear of losing their political jobs, committee assignments or big-donor contributions.

To restore our country’s greatness, we must elect leaders willing to place the future of the United States ahead of career, power and money – men and women who will fight tyranny and wrestle authority from Washington, D.C. and return it to the states and American people.

At this critical time in our history, I am especially mindful of the enormous personal sacrifice and courage of Washington, Jefferson, Hancock and all our nation’s Patriots. We must wage and win the necessary political battles to reconnect our nation with the fundamental principles declared on July 4, 1776. As a candidate for congress, I am ready to do just that. Please join me!

North Morristown Parade

MAIN STREET CAMPAIGNING – What a great week campaigning across the First District! I enjoyed shaking hands with voters and walking in parades over the July 4th weekend and was moved by the awesome display of patriotism on display in North Morristown (see picture), Elysian and Albert Lea.

Though only a few blocks in length, Rice County’s North Morristown parade/patriotism celebration was filled with energy and attended by citizens who passionately love our country. Proceeds from the festivity help fund the Trinity Lutheran parochial school. As a Missouri-Synod Lutheran, educated at St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Truman, I could not have been happier celebrating America’s declaration of liberty and freedom with good citizens and fellow Christians!

Elysian Indepedence Day Parade

The Elysian Independence Day parade is one of the most patriotic and well-attended in Minnesota. It was a pleasure to visit with so many fine people in Elysian, including U.S. Army and Afghanistan War veteran Jack Zimmerman of Cleveland (see picture). Jack and his family have made so many sacrifices to keep our nation safe and free. Thanks to all who have honorably served in the Armed Forces!

HAGEDORN - WALZ (ON THE ISSUES) – Our campaign has received positive feedback concerning our statements on the Supreme Court’s Obamacare and same-sex marriage decisions. Southern Minnesotans are disgusted with the court’s extra-constitutional “law-making” and are increasingly angry with “Twin Cities Tim” Walz for consistently misrepresenting their views and beliefs.

On another note, the issue of illegal immigration and border security has taken center stage in the Republican presidential campaign. I made several postings on our campaign’s Facebook and Twitter pages expressing my strong commitment to securing our borders and enforcing existing federal immigration law. This issue offers voters a clear contrast.

As this Walz campaign TV advertisement confirms, in 2006 Tim pretended to be a conservative on the issue of illegal immigration. Walz slammed then Congressman Gil Gutknecht for voting to give 50,000 Haitians amnesty and promised border security. 

But Walz’s record in Congress is one of an open borders/sanctuary city liberal. Walz has voted for liberal immigration policies, including President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty. Tim’s amnesty and open borders policies have weakened the United States, driven down wages for citizens and made the American people vulnerable to felony crime and Islamic terrorism.

THIS WEEK – I will attend several celebrations and parades, including North Mankato’s Fun Day’s and Blue Earth’s Giant Days. I will also attend the Winona County Fair in St. Charles, issue a statement on illegal immigration/border security and keep working to raise money to be in position to finish the job and defeat liberal Tim Walz in 2016.

Best wishes,

Jim Hagedorn