Hagedorn Weekly Report #7

Nicollet’s Friendship Days Parade

MAIN STREET CAMPAIGNING – We’ve been busy!  Thanks to GOP leaders in Brown, Watonwan and Nicollet counties for joining me for the Springfield, St. James and Nicollet parades this past week (picture is from Nicollet’s Friendship Days Parade). Tuesday I had fun meeting Winona County residents at the Family Night on the Farm event on the Wirtland Dairy Farm in Lewiston.

MEDIA – Thanks to KSOO (Sioux Falls, SD) radio personality Rick Knobe for inviting me to spend a half-hour on Tuesday’s Rick Knobe Show.  We will link to the interview in next week’s report. To follow all Hagedorn campaign news stories and interviews, please go to www.jimhagedorn.org/news.

HAGEDORN - WALZ (ON THE ISSUES) – Our campaign issued timely statements on the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions concerning Obamacare and same-sex marriage.  I did not hide my disappointment with the court’s liberal opinions or the stark contrast between “Twin Cities Tim” Walz and me on these hot-button issues.

Please read my statement concerning the court’s Obamacare decision and my vision for replacing the monstrosity with free-market reforms to create much needed competition and maintain the world’s highest quality medical care.

My statement on the SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling focused on how left-wing Democrats will undoubtedly use the decision to wage an all out assault against organized religion. At this critical point in time I believe we must rally support and proactively augment the First Amendment to fully protect religious institutions, religious officials and our freedom to worship.

Today on Facebook I referenced presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ Rochester visit to highlight the socialist policy solidarity of Tim Walz and Senator Sanders (Click here to view).

THIS WEEK – I will be shaking hands at numerous parades over the July 4th weekend, as well as attending GOP County meetings and making fundraising calls.

Hope you have a happy Independence Day!

With appreciation,

Jim Hagedorn