Hagedorn Weekly Report #62



Our campaign has earned excellent media recently. Please click on the links below to review newspaper and television reports.

ALPHA NEWS (video), reporter Julia Erynn: Congressional candidate hoping second time’s a charm

KEYC TV (video), reporter Ryan Gustafson: Hagedorn prepares for November

MANKATO FREE PRESS, by Trey Mewes: Area GOPers excited over RNC, Trump

ROCHESTER POST-BULLETIN, letter to the editor submitted by Len Griffith: Hagedorn will take right approach to deal with terrorism

MANKATO FREE PRESS, letter to the editor submitted by U.S. Army combat Veteran Kyle Pirron: Trump - Hagedorn right on Vets care

MANKATO FREE PRESS, by Mark Fischenich: Hagedorn fundraising edges up



This past week I visited the Faribault and Rice County Fairs and our team walked parades in Montgomery, Truman and Madison Lake. Thus far, I have personally walked 32 parades across the First District, with many more to follow!

It was awesome campaigning with elected GOP officials and challengers, including: State Senator Julie Rosen, State Rep. Bob Gunther, State Rep. Tony Cornish, State Rep. Brian Daniels, State Senate candidate Rich Draheim, State Senate candidate Mayor John Jasinski and State Rep. candidate Aramis Wells. Thanks also to all our awesome volunteers who make campaigning extra fun!


For more Hagedorn campaign parade and county fair pictures click on the links below.

BLUE EARTH (7/19 & 21) Faribault County Fair

FARIBAULT (7/22/2016) Rice County Fair

MADISON LAKE (7/23/2016) Paddlefish Days Parade

TRUMAN (7/23/2016) Truman Days Parade

MONTGOMERY (7/24/2016) Kolacky Days Parade

RNC Convention


Watch this short video for my take on the Republican National Convention and Donald Trump’s acceptance speech.

Vote For Jim


Please vote for me in the August 9th Republican Primary. Even though our primary opponent has not been actively campaigning, it’s still critical to get out and vote!

For polling place information click on this link to the Secretary of State’s website.



This is a now or never election. Either we take back our country and make big bold changes to Washington, D.C. or we will forever lose our Republic as the Forefathers envisioned.

I need your help, now, to win this election. We are working relentlessly, Walz’s liberal record is a disaster and my solutions are hitting home with the voters. All we need to do in the last few months is to spread our winning conservative message.

Please make an electronic contribution of $100 (or whatever you can afford from $10 to $5,400) or send a check to: Friends of Hagedorn; 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001. Thank you!

Hagedorn - Walz On the Issues


Click on links to read articles and Facebook posts.

Hagedorn – Walz to square off at Farmfest, Tuesday, August 2nd 10:30 – 11:45 AM

Islamic terrorists behead Catholic Priest in France and continue attacks in Germany and across the globe

On 60 Minutes, Hillary Clinton says there is one set of standards for her and another for the rest of us. Finally Hillary and Hagedorn agree on something!

If Obama and the Democrats weren’t so corrupt, Hillary would be introducing the nation to her cellmate, rather than running mate Tim Kaine

Hagedorn offers bold government reform and pro-growth solutions to expand the U.S. economy and create high-wage jobs


This week I’m scheduled to attend the Olmsted, Rock, Jackson and Blue Earth County Fairs, walk parades, attend the congressional candidates’ forum at Farmfest on Tuesday and make fundraising calls.

Thanks for reading!

Jim Hagedorn