Hagedorn Weekly Report #60

Blue Earth Parade


This past week I visited the Winona County Fair in St. Charles and walked parades in Madelia, North Mankato, Trimont and Blue Earth (see above photo).

My visit to Madelia (see parade picture below) was the 5th since a February fire destroyed a large section of the City’s Downtown. As my shirt reads: Madelia Strong – Rebuild Madelia!


It was fun campaigning with many state GOP elected officials and challengers, including: Senator Julie Rosen, Senator Jeremy Miller, Rep. Tony Cornish, Rep. Bob Gunther, Rep. Steve Drazkowski, Senate candidate Willa Dailey, Senate candidate Mike Goggin and House candidate Kim Spears. Lastly, thanks to all our awesome campaign volunteers!

For more Hagedorn county fair and parade pictures click on the links below.

ST. CHARLES (7/7/2016) – Winona County Fair

MADELIA (7/8/2016) – Madelia Park Days Parade

NORTH MANKATO (7/9/2016) – North Mankato Fun Days Parade

TRIMONT (7/9/2016) – Trimont FunFest Parade

BLUE EARTH (7/9/2016) – Blue Earth Giant Days Parade


WHERE’S WALZDO…On the Key Issues? –

This week I issued this press release taking Tim Walz to task for hiding from the public and not being forthright about his positions on the key issues.

Oh, about that picture of Waldo (see above), we spotted him during the North Mankato Fun Days Parade – proving once again that it’s much easier for southern Minnesotans to find Waldo than Walzdo.


Our campaign is running a general election race and we are focusing our attention and firepower on Tim Walz, but we still need you to get out and vote in the August 9th Republican Primary.

For early voting and other information, please click on this link to the MN Secretary of State’s website.



I’m running for Congress because our country is in serious trouble. We must win this election and make big, bold change in Washington, D.C.

We are in an excellent striking position to defeat Walz and take back the seat. But I need your financial support to fully highlight Walz's horrible voting record and highlight my commonsense solutions.

Please click here and make an electronic contribution of $100 (or whatever you can afford from $10 to $5,400) or send a check to: Friends of Hagedorn; 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001. Thank you!

Hagedorn vs. Walz


Chaos in St. Paul as unlawful Black Lives Matter protest becomes violent:

The DFL continues to recklessly coddle and egg on the Black Lives Matter movement. Click to read my Facebook post about the St. Paul riot and the need to support our police and maintain law and order.

Hillary Clinton blames whites and police for black youth problems:

For Hillary Clinton and the Democrats: Political Lives Matter! So, it’s no wonder they are blaming law-abiding white people and our police for the problems of black youth.

Enough of their politically correct garbage! Each and every citizen should be expected to respect the police and contribute to a society of law and order.

Click to read the news story.


This week I am scheduled to attend the First District Republican meeting in Albert Lea, the Freedom Club’s summer picnic, several county fairs and walk several parades.

Thanks for reading!

Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First Congressional District