Hagedorn Weekly Report #59



The highlight of our week was walking in five July 4th parades and holding very successful fundraisers featuring Rep. Tom Emmer in Rochester and Mankato.

I campaigned in Winona, Bricelyn (see above photo), Albert Lea, Austin,  Blooming Prairie, Stewartville (see below photo), Rochester and Mankato. Independence Day is my favorite non-religious holiday and I had fun shaking hands with over 2,000 voters this weekend.

Shortly before the start of Austin’s July 4th Parade our campaign shot this short video in which I compare the courage and foresight of America’s Forefathers with the rather gutless behavior of the current Washington, D.C. politicians.

Shaking Hands

For more Hagedorn campaign parade pictures click on the links below.

BRICELYN (7/2/2016) – Bricelyn’s Fourth of July Parade

ALBERT LEA (6/3/2016) – Albert Lea Third of July Parade

AUSTIN (7/4/2016) – Austin’s Freedom Fest Parade

BLOOMING PRAIRIE (7/4/2016) – Fourth of July Celebration

STEWARTVILLE (7/4/2016) – Stewartville’s Summerfest Parade

Jim Hagedorn and Tom Emmer


Our Rochester and Mankato fundraisers with Rep. Tom Emmer, 6th-MN, were great successes. We raised $35,000 in just one afternoon and the events completely jump-started our general election fundraising. Thank you Rep. Emmer and thanks to all our hosts and contributors!

The next 120 days of fundraising are critical. Our infrastructure costs (staff, signs, literature, etc.) are all covered; so, every dollar raised from this point forward will be used to advertize my candidacy.

Please help us raise the $75,000 to $100,000 per month needed through the election to fully advertize our campaign and pull off an unexpected win.

Click here to make a secure electronic contribution or please send a check to Friends of Hagedorn; 11 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 007; Mankato, MN 56001. Thank you!


Prior to voting for Obamacare in 2009 Tim Walz promised “if you like like your current health insurance plan, you can keep your current health insurance plan.” Well, that turned out to be one of many huge lies Walz made about the unAffordable Care Act.

Recently, over 100,000 Minnesota families received health insurance cancellation notices from Blue Cross Blue Shield. Thousands upon thousands of southern Minnesota’s farmers, independent business owners and others will be forced to find new insurance effective January 1, 2017. For more read this Breitbart article.

Tim Walz was wrong to vote for Obamacare and he has hurt the people he is paid to represent. Obamacare is a political albatross hanging around Walz's neck and is a key reason we will defeat him in November.

If elected to represent you in Congress I will work to replace Obamacare with free market reforms to restore the doctor-patient relationship, eliminate excessive federal regulations, create nationwide insurance competition, encourage medical care shopping, cap medical malpractice awards and place downward pressure on the cost of health insurance.


Thanks to Worthington’s Daily Globe for publishing my column in which I address the threat from Islamic supremacists and the need to protect the due process and 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

Hagedorn on the Issues


The F.B.I. twists itself into a pretzel to avoid recommending Hillary’s indictment:

Despite overwhelming evidence that Hillary Clinton recklessly mishandled classified U.S. government intelligence, the F.B.I. has recommended that no charges be filed.

Our nation now has one set of laws for the liberal Democrats and another for the rest of us. We must take back our country and defeat the double-standard corruption that has become Washington, D.C. Read the article here.

Obama and Democrats let over 100,000 illegal alien criminals loose:

Instead of protecting U.S. citizens from serious crime by deporting convicted illegal alien criminals, President Obama and open borders liberals like Tim Walz have opened jails and released over 100,000 into our communities.

Elect Hagedorn to secure America’s borders and reinstate the rule of law. I will work with Donald Trump to defend our nation and protect the American people from illegal aliens – especially those convicted of serious crimes.

Click to read the Washington Times story.


Minnesota’s ISIS and refugee problem:

This article further validates my call for a refugee program "timeout." It documents Minnesota's terrorist recruiting problem from East African refugees devoted to jihad and global Islamic supremacy.

Politically correct Tim Walz, who refuses to identify our enemy as followers of radical Islam, thinks my proposal is Islamophobic and unMinnesotan.

My question for Walz: How does it benefit the United States to accept more people from countries that hate the United States and are committed to Sharia Law, converting or killing the non-believer and Islamic supremacy?

For more on my refugee program "timeout" proposal read my Star-Tribune commentary.


Our campaign is running a general election campaign and focusing our attention and firepower on Tim Walz, but we still need you to get out and vote in the August 9th Republican Primary.

For early voting and other information, please click on this link to the MN Secretary of State’s website.


This week I am scheduled to walk more parades, visit the Winona County Fair, make fundraising calls and keep fighting for what we believe!

Thanks for reading!

Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First Congressional District