Hagedorn Weekly Report #55

Main Street Campaigning


Yes, the “Main Street” picture featured above is an actual shot taken during my walk through Luverne’s Buffalo Days Parade this past Saturday morning. The Hagedorn team had a great time meeting Rock County residents and campaigning alongside State Senator Bill Weber and State Representative Joe Schomacker, both respected GOP leaders (pictured above). Click on this Facebook post for more Buffalo Days pictures.

Also over the weekend we walked Morristown’s Dam Days Parade. I enjoyed shaking hands with Rice County voters, especially this kind Korean War Veteran, and handing out campaign stickers to the kids (see photos below). For more photos from Dam Days see this Facebook post.

Shaking Hands

Lastly, thanks to Hagedorn campaigners Neal Breitbarth, Connor Thielfoldt, Kyle Pirron and Derek Ringhand for helping walk parades this weekend!


Based upon the May jobs report released this past week, the U.S. economy remains anemic with workforce participation at an all-time record low, click to read the CNS News article.

The economy is bogged down with suffocating EPA and other federal regulations, a complicated tax code, massive welfare, illegal immigration, record federal debt, ObamaCare and extremist anti-energy global warming mandates – all ultra liberal policies voted for by Tim Walz.

Big government is punishing small business, destroying good paying blue collar jobs and needlessly driving up your cost of health insurance, food, electricity, fuel and virtually every product and service (as they are all tied to the price of energy).

The best way to unleash the U.S. economy, create high-wage jobs and place downward pressure on the cost of living is to weed out excessive federal government intervention in the marketplace and reconnect our nation with free enterprise capitalism.

If elected to Congress I will fight for regulatory reform, tax simplification, zero-based budgeting, reinstating work-for-welfare, securing America's borders, replacing ObamaCare and U.S. energy independence.


Thanks to news outlets and reporters for covering the race for First District Congress.  Click on the link(s) to view, read or listen to the press releases and news reports related to our campaign.


PATRIOT RADIO AM 1240; Mitch Berg interviews Jim Hagedorn at the Minnesota State Convention in Duluth (interview starts at 18:10 mark)

ROCHESTER POST-BULLETIN; GOP heading to primary race in U.S. District 1 Race

Hagedorn - Walz


The Dalai Lama warns western nations of Muslim migration problems:

Even the Dalai Lama understands the threat posed by refugees and migrants from radical Islamic nations that hate the United States and western civilization.

Meanwhile, Tim Walz has supported President Obama’s program to relocate almost 1 million Muslims to the United States over the past 8 years. Obama-Walz and the liberal Democrats are working overtime to flood our nation with migrants and transform America and our culture.

To protect the United States and Minnesota from the threat of radical Islamic terrorism, elect Hagedorn as your next Congressman.

Three Minnesota terrorists convicted of conspiring to help ISIS:

The lax refugee and open borders migration policies of the Obama administration, supported wholeheartedly by Tim Walz, have created a terrorist recruiting problem in Minnesota. Over the weekend, a Minneapolis jury convicted three Somali men of conspiring to fight for ISIS in Syria. They face life in prison.

Here’s the question Tim Walz refuses to address: If refugees and migrants from nations that hate American and western civilization are willing to travel half-way around the globe to fight for radical Islam, what’s stopping them from perpetrating terrorism here?

Because of Minnesota's ongoing terrorism problems, and the fact that the FBI has more than 1,000 open ISIS investigations across the United States, I have called for a refugee program timeout until our government can figure out what is going on. Click here to read my Star-Tribune commentary.

Clinton’s emails contained names of top secret U.S. intelligence operatives:

My opponent is a super delegate for Hillary. He evidently doesn’t care that HRC placed the names of U.S. intelligence operatives on an unsecured computer server once stored in a Colorado bathroom. She is not qualified to be President and should be prosecuted.


This week I am scheduled to campaign across the First District, participate in parades and seek your financial support.

Thanks for reading!

Jim Hagedorn
Endorsed Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First Congressional District