Hagedorn Weekly Report #51 & 52

Jim - Convention


It was an honor to receive Minnesota's First District Republican endorsement for Congress at the May 7th Convention in Mankato. Our Party is energized and unified for this campaign to defeat Tim Walz. For more on the First District Republican Convention, please read our campaign’s press release.

Coffee Shop


Our campaign was in post-endorsement high-gear this week. We made 17 stops across southern Minnesota and visited the cities of Albert Lea (see coffee shop picture, above), Austin, Owatonna, Mankato, Byron, Kasota, Fairmont, Jackson and Worthington.

In Kasota, I stopped by GOP State Senate Candidate Willa Dailey’s “Shoot for the Senate” firearms fundraiser. Willa (www.willadailey.com) is one of the many strong GOP challengers running to reclaim DFL seats and retake Minnesota’s Senate. Please do all you can to support your Minnesota House and Senate candidates.



THE OWATONNA PEOPLE’S PRESS; Hagedorn Endorsed for 2nd Run at Walz:

Thanks to reporter William Morris and the Owatonna’s People’s Press for this wide-ranging news article on our campaign.

THE MANKATO TIMES; First District GOP Endorses Hagedorn:

Thanks to Publisher Joe Steck and the Mankato Times, an online newspaper, for this article covering the First District Republican endorsement of my candidacy.

KATE AM 1450 (Albert Lea); Hagedorn Interviewed by Reporter Paul Shea:

I had a great time talking about the key issues of this campaign with radio host Paul Shea on KATE AM 1450 (Albert Lea). Click for audio.

THE ALBERT LEA TRIBUNE; Hagedorn Hopes to Appeal to Area Farmers:

Thanks to reporter Sam Wilmes and the Albert Lea Tribune for this news story offering my reforms and solutions to reduce regulatory burdens on farmers, drive down agricultural production costs and help sustain our rural farming-dependent communities.

THE FAIRMONT SENTINEL; Hagedorn Taking His Case to the Voters:

In this article, written by reporter Jason Sorensen and published in the Fairmont Sentinel, I express my commitment to the principle of limited government, as well as outline my federal reforms in the area of regulations, health care and immigration.

KIMT 3 – TV (Minnesota/Iowa); Hagedorn Prepared to run with Trump:

Thanks to KIMT 3- TV for their continued coverage of the race for First District Congress and this critical election. In this story I offer clear contrasts between the liberal Democrats, led by Hillary Clinton and Tim Walz, and our Republican team that offers voters bold solutions to reform Washington, D.C.

KEYC-TV, Mankato; First Congressional District Convention Draws over 200:

Our campaign appreciates KEYC-TV’s coverage of the CD1 convention. Click for video.

Bank Note


With less than 6 months until the November 8th election, I need your full support, including your financial support.

My opponent funds his campaign with outside-the-district cash from Washington D.C. interest groups, Twin Cities leftists, environmental extremists and late-term abortion-on-demand radicals.

I rely on you, the decent people of southern Minnesota to help us deliver our message of conservative reforms and solutions to take power from the Washington, D.C. politicians, bureaucrats and interest groups and return it to the states and the American people.

Please make a contribution today and consider giving an amount of $17 per month or $100 total. If you can afford more, please send more. If you are unable to help our campaign financially, please consider walking a parade with our team, posting a lawn sign, following us on Facebook, telling your friends about our campaign and voting for me in the August 9th Primary and November 8th General Election.

Thank you for all your support!

Hagedorn vs. Walz


Walz and Democrats still laughing at us over false Obamacare promises:

Check out this article documenting how Obama and the Democrats are laughing at us over their false Obamacare promises.


Tim Walz’s open borders & amnesty leads to the murder of a retired Minnesota farmer:

In this Facebook post I take Tim Walz and other liberals to task for enabling the murder of 90-year old retired Minnesota farmer, Earl Olander (see above picture). Every crime committed by an illegal alien is preventable. We must secure America’s borders and enforce U.S. immigration laws.

ISIS trial further confirms Minnesota’s Islamic terrorist recruiting problem:

Minnesota has an Islamic terrorist recruiting problem from east African refugees. I continue to call for a refugee program "timeout" until our government can figure out what's going on. My opponent is clueless & speechless concerning the threat of radical Islam.

Socialist Sanders keeps rolling along:

Sen. Sanders - who won the MNCD1 Democratic Caucus with 66% of the vote - keeps beating Clinton and delaying her pre-arranged coronation. Establishment Super Delegate Tim Walz, who supports Hillary, must be feeling the pressure. Click here to read more.


This week we will continue to travel the First District and shake hands with voters, engage the media, make fundraising calls and take the race to liberal Tim Walz. I will also be attending the Minnesota GOP State Convention in Duluth and am scheduled to address delegates and guests Saturday.

Thanks for reading,

Jim Hagedorn
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s First District